Treachery Unbound (un-edited)

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    Treachery Unbound (un-edited)

    Post by Destinykil on Sat Jan 02 2010, 23:42

    Treachery Unbound


    Children who chase dreams. Boys trying to be men. The everlasting journey to fulfill a goal. As time began for each young lad their lives were already thrown into the pot of destiny. What will it take for each to escape and will their own fate? Old habits die hard, and new habits die harder. As they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". The serenity is gripped by the hand of unwillingness.....

    Chapter I: Life

    The small town of Fall River never had anything interesting. Day in and day out, every person followed the same routine. This quiet town doesn't know it's in for a life changing experience.

    "Throw the ball already! I'm tired of waiting; you'll never be a football star Eddie!"

    "Shut up Des. I'll throw it when i'm ready."

    Eddie drops back and throws the football at Des. Des' smug facial expression soon turned to fear as the ball sped towards him like an exploding bullet. Des quic kly ducked and the ball shot over his head into the steel grated fence. Both Des and Eddie stare blankly at the ball lodged in the fence. Des quickly glared at Eddie who was now smiling smugly. Des was a kind of stature, 5'6, 153 lbs. at only 13 years old! Eddie on the other hand was only 5'2, 125 lbs., very scrawny. As he stood there now chuckling, Des made a quick beeline towards him and grabbed him by the shirt before Eddie could react. Eddie's triumphant smirk now turned into a fearful frown as he was lifted from the ground by only his collar.
    Des' hands are shaking as he continues to hold Eddie up. Eddie wasn't sure if it was adrenaline or lack of power that was causing Des to shake. Just as Des readies one hand to punch, he drops Eddie and falls to his knees crying. Eddie stands over him pointing and laughing now. Des hadn't the slightest idea of why he was crying but he was.

    "Man up Des! You're a wimp. You aren't going anywhere in life if you do this. If it were me holding you, I would've slammed my fist into your jaw. Grow some bal...."

    Eddie's sentence is interrupted by Des headbutting him in the gut. A gasp of air escapes Eddie as his eyes beam open and his jaw drops. The once laughing boy was now gasping for air. He soon fell to his knees then to the ground writhing in pain. Des rises and throws a vicious kick into Eddie's jaw. Des soon notices Eddie tearing up and halts his further abuse. He bends down and lifts Eddie's head.

    "Eddie, you were right. I am a wimp. But not for much longer, you'll see."

    Eddie begins to burst into tears and spits blood into Des' face. Bad move. Des throws back his arm and thrusts his fist into the cheekbone of the boy. The sound of bone crunching is heard very clearly. Des' eyes become wide with fear as he realizes what he had done. He slowly stumbles to his feet and runs as fast as he can away from the scene, leavinf Eddie where he lie. This is the last time they'd see each other again.
    Des is seen sitting on a couch watching tv.

    "We interrupt this show for breaking news. Yesterday evening, a young boy was found lying in the local park beaten and bloody. The medics say this boy has no recollection of what had happened. All they know is that his jaw is severely shattered and his kidney's are slowy failing. If ANYONE can identify this boy, please call the number located at the bottom of the screen. I'm local newsreporter Shad Tyler, out."

    The tv slowly faded back into the previous show. Des' jaw is hanging low. Whatever was in his mouth has spilt over his body. His eyes wide with remorse. Des knows it's only time before they figure out it was him who done that. He takes a quick look at his hand which is severely bruised. Des quickly hops off the couch and races to his room. In a frantic rage, Des packs a bag and jumps out the window. He was now a future fugitive on the run.
    A few miles down the road, Des spots a small light glistening in the distance. As he draws closer, he can here chatter and laughter. His eyes light up as he draws into the crowd. It's a group of homeless people who are gathered around a barrell fire. As Des approaches, they all shoot a glare at him as if he wasn't accepted. Des slowly backs away from the group before one of the homeless sighs and signals him over. Des races to the fire and makes himself comfortable between two of the homeless. Time flew by as Des listened to the stories each shared. Naturally, father time got the best of Des as his eyes fded to black and the sound of the people came to a quiet stop. He had fallen asleep finally.
    The sound of trains awakes Des from his sluumber. All the homeless people from last night had disappeared. Des slowly rises to his feet and rubs his eyes. As he completes a morning stretch, he opens his eyes t find his stuff had been stolen! Betrayed. Nobody can be trusted in Des' eyes now. Des stands tall with a determined look and begins walking down the only path he sees.

    "Stop there. Today has been great. It seems as though you feel guilty for doing what you did. Des you're 19 now. You have to move on. I mean look at you, 19, 6'3, 225 lbs, raggedy beard. You need to get past your past and continue onward ok?"

    "Yes doc. Its just.."

    "Stop! No more today. Come see me in a week."

    Des nods and leaves the shrinks office. The memory was only a recollection of Des' haunting past. Since then, Des travels the world, city to coty searching for the answer to a question he doesn't know. Des' latest stop was in the city of gold. Concession stands all around, trying to sel their wares to vrious traverlers. Des was practically immune to their ales pitches. He is seen heading for a large marble building. It was the bank. As he nears closer a strange women grabs his arm and tugs him towards a concession stand.

    "Welcome kind sir! Nice of you to stop by."

    "Well you pulle..."

    "What can i sell you today? Perhaps this replica of King Dimi's royal septor. OR maybe...this authentic scroll. OH lala."

    "Lady, i haven't time for this crap. Leave me alone."

    As Des begins to walk away, the lady stops him and emotes a mean face at him. Des' eyes grow soft as he sighs and returns to the stand with thr woemn.

    "So glad of you to come back sir. What can i sell you?"

    "Uhhhh, give me that map so i can finally leave."

    "SURE! 10 dollars please."

    "10 dollars? For a map? Forget it..BYE!"

    "No, no, no wait. This is the map to the lost city. Five dollars?"

    "Thats more like it!"

    Des reaches in his pocket and hands the ladt a five dollar bill. In return, he retrieves the map from her possession and beigns to walk away again whistling. The lady puts her hands on her hips and pouts. She races towards him and tackles him to the ground.

    "What the hell are you doing lady?! are you insane? What do you want?!"

    "I want to go with you. Something about you says i should. So how about it?"

    "Uhmmm....NO! Disperse lady. I have things to attend to."

    The lady frowns as Des gets up and brushes himself off. Des continues to walk further away from her towards the bank. The ambitious women just sits there as he walks off.

    "MY NAME IS...KURA!!"

    Des looks back and shrugs the greeting away. Again, she frowns, and slowly gets up to return to her stand. Des makes his way to the front of the bank steps.

    "I guess its now or never.."

    Des sighs as he begins a slow ascent up the marble steps. As he climbs higher, Des feels a mysterious pressure pushing down on him. Is this a sign not to do it? He tries as hard as he can to shrug it off but no prevail. Des continues onward and reaches for the handle of the bank doors when a sudden burst of energy sent him to the floor writhing in pain. The force was so powerful it collapsed the marble surrounding Des on the floor leaving indents. Two officers rush outside the bank and quickly slap a pair of laser cuffs on Des. How did they know? This seems bad. The officer begins to shove Des to his feet and into the bank. "Not to smart on their part." des states in his mind.

    As Des walks forward through the bank halls, he loks around for the safe. The guard soon notices and cracks Des in the back of the head signaling him to look forward. Des snorts and begins to breathe heavily. He's either pissed off or about to make his move. The halls started to become fuzzy in his eyes. Like he was about to black out. This soon became different when the guards started to freak out. The serene bank scene soon became a place of chaos as people scream and yell about the shaking walls. Des drops to his knees and slides his cuffs under his legs to the font of his body. He quickly hops back up to his feet and throws his hands around one of the guards necks slowly choking him. The walls begin to crumble as the guards face turns beat red. His last gasp of air escapes his body as he mutters a comment towards Des.

    "ou won et way ith thi..."

    The guard finally stops struggling and stands limp. Des drops the dead guard to the floor and dashes for the other who is helping the civilians escape. The guard hears feint steps and turns around to Des jumping at him grinning. A look of hopelessness becomes paralyzed on the guards face as Des slammed his cuffed hands into the temple of him. A bone crushing sound echoes throughout the deteriorating bank. Des knew he severed the neck from the spine. He was a murderer now and soon to be a bank robber. As the walls collapse all around, people's screams soon become muffled under marble and concrete. At last, Des finds the huge steel dor leading to eternal wealth.

    As Des approaches the door, he still notices the cuffs he neglected to take off. This could prove bothersome. Des looks at the cuffs with a raised eyebrow and smashes them into the steel door. Again and again the cuffs bang against the door. As Des runs out of breath, the laser slowly begins to fizzle out. The cuffs just drop to the floor broken. Des' panting breaths slowly become visible. It was either getting cold or..


    Something explodes sending Des flying into the rubble of the destroyed bank.

    "SEIZE HIM!" yells a mysterious man.

    Many heavily armored guards circle around the distorted Des pointing their lasers at him.

    "Heh...guess..the guard..was right.. I wouldn't get away with this."

    Thiose words play out of Des' mouth over and over like a broken record player. The guards slowly close in on Des who is still repeating the same sentence. Two guards grab Des by the arms and lift him to his feet. They all slowly exit with their newly aquired con, Des...

    "Do you know where you are?"

    Des slowly comes to and opens his eyes to a small square room with one other person inside. Des notices his hands are tied together with steel wire. He squirms and wigges but no use he is trapped.

    "Its no use kid. That's state of the art handcuffs. Flexible steel. No escape. Now then, whats your name?"

    Des spits at the mans face. The man wipes off the spit slowly and throws a right hook into Des' jaw. His head jerks to the left. Blood slowly drips out of Des' mouth as he looks back at the man.

    "My name is Zane. Remember it well. Niow then, your name again? I didnt catch it the first time around."

    "My name name is..Des...D,E,S. Got it?"

    Zane shoots a look of curiousity at Des and throws another right hook into his jaw, Zane shakes his hand out and lifts Des' head up slowly.

    "Round these parts. I am the LAW. And in your case, the executioner. My WIFE was in that bank! You made the worst move of your life kid."

    Des slowly smirks and his eyes begins to shift.

    "No use here kid. This place nullifies all powers. So quit while you are ahead. And as for that smirk.."

    Zane uppercuts Des in the jaw. His head flies up towards the ceiling. A stream of blood and saliva escape the mouth of Des and falls to the grojund with a splat. Zane gets face to face with Des and stares him in the eye.

    "I know that look in your eyes. Tell me, how did you aquire the crumble ability? I'm curious to know. You know what, forget it, i'm going to prolong this interrogation. You WILL tell me everything."

    Zane circles the incapacitated Des. Des slowly tries to follow Zane with his head but stops. The pain is so intense, Des can only look forward. Zane returns to Des' line of sight and slams his fists on the table making Des jump a little.

    "You killed my wife damnit! I should kill yopu right here!"

    Des smirks and begins to chuckle softly.

    "You think its funny? Laugh at this,."

    Zane begins to punch Des non-stop. Blows to the face, sides, and stomach. Des begins shaking and gasping for air. As the infuriated Zane continues to assualt Des, a door bursts open and three guards retain Zane. The guards slowly restrain him against a wall and ask him to keep his cool. Des is beginning to cackle again before he is butted with a rifle knocking him unconscious.

    Des slowly awakes to find himself stil in the same room. Zane just finishes smoking a cigarette and flicks the butt at Des' face. The smal embers burns Des' right cheek. Des was to out of it to exert energy.

    "You've been sedated Des. You will trell me everything now in detail without a problem. That burn you just received? Only just a portion of what i intend to do to you."

    Des slowly nods in a yes manner. Zane crosses his legs and leans forward across the table.

    "Where did you obtain the cumble ability?"

    Des' eyes slowly begin to blink. The pick up to a faster pace and his eyes roll into the bac of his head. Zane's look turns to bewilderment and Des' eyes finally fixate in on him.


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    Re: Treachery Unbound (un-edited)

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    i think its really good.
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    Re: Treachery Unbound (un-edited)

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