Hey! News update for 01-02-2010 (Newsss!!)


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    Hey! News update for 01-02-2010 (Newsss!!)

    Post by quater

    Okay! 3 important announcements for the time being! I shall try and be as brief as I can be! But we all know that's very hard for me...

    1. Chuunin Exam
    They will be the weekend of January 22nd. If you don't know what they are, don't fret. All will be explained then. Just PM your Kage and tell them you want in. Try and get two other people you can take the exam with, as well! You'll be taking them in teams of three and so if you want to pass it's highly suggested you pick your other two members before you take the exam. Otherwise you may get stuck with two deadbeats that do no work. Happens a lot.
    Also make sure you're a Genin by then. It's not that hard to get 250 posts. I usually get that in 3 days.
    2. Competition of Villages
    This is a month long event we'll be doing during January. Each village is going to compete. The two winning villages will get the first WOTN Revamped clans. The others will be forced to wait months to get em. On top of that the winning village can choose any character of Naruto they want for the new Banner. And the top three Kage's of each winning village shall get little trophies saying how we rock. So if you're not gonna do it for the other stuff, do it so we can wave trophies in the Kage's faces. Thanks a bunches!

    So how will each Village be judged? Rather simple actually:
    Missions done - Village missions specifically, though Meika and I might change that midcourse. Do a village mission, PM your Kage. Every few days they will update the number of missions their villagers are doing.
    Posts - PM me with your name and post count. Then every thousand posts you get I'll add some points to the total tally of your village. A simple way that anyone can help in the competition.
    Battling - If you and someone else in the Village have a battle, then you bring in a point for the Village. If you battle someone outside the Village, then the winner of the match gets 1.5 points and the loser one point for their village. Just PM me the link and I'll tally it.
    Recruits - For every new member that you get to join the site you get 3 points tallied to your village's total. PM your Kage the names of your recruits and each Kage needs to report to me any recruits they got every Sunday.

    Pretty simple. Every Sunday/Monday I'll do a tally to let each village know who's in the lead. Because of the dynamics of this contest no one village should have a lead. It depends all on you guys and your abilities. Good luck. I'll be putting all this information in a forum soon.
    3. Assassination Missions
    This idea has been cooking in the Kage lounges a while. It's basically this. Each Kage will post people to be assassinated. If you assassinate them, which is get them to battle you in the Battle Arena without giving away the fact you're assassinating them (If they ask you, just say you can't tell them don't lie if you don't want to and don't tell them you are) and beating them in a battle. If they don't respond to your challenge to battle them or they turn you down, then you'd also have assassinated them. If you can assassinate two people you are considered a Village Assassin. If you fail to assassinate 3 people, you will lose that title. Who is a Village Assassin is a secret. Also, the better the Assassin you are the more private missions you may get for the job. Finally, those who survive an assassination will be added to a village's Bingo Book till defeated twice.

    That's it folks! Please ask people to read this. People ignore my announcements too much. :(
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    Post on Sun Jan 03 2010, 19:55 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Its not that hard to work just a little bit anyway :P hehe.

    Post on Sun Jan 03 2010, 20:08 by UreshiiQ

    Don't worry, I'll be on :P
    I gotta reget a team now. Originally, me Toshii, and Thi were gonna be but...
    Well I got other options, I guess ^_^

    Post on Sun Jan 03 2010, 20:08 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease


    Be on a team with Shiro, Reshi :3

    Post on Sun Jan 03 2010, 20:13 by UreshiiQ

    I'll ask ^_^ He might not even be taking the exams~ I'm hoping 23 will be on my team :3

    Post on Sun Jan 03 2010, 20:19 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Aww ^_^

    Post on Tue Jan 05 2010, 05:22 by Endless Nothing

    Thank you for answering i'll start bugging Death immediately. ^_^

    And i like the idea of failing 'slackers' as long as it is completely obvious that they did absolutely nothing.

    Because the exam that bloodly had mentioned i was finding the scrolls at an unusually quick rate even compared to my usual searches. So i didn't really give my team mates a chance to help.

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