Important announcements. Read it. If not, you're screwing yo


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    Important announcements. Read it. If not, you're screwing yourself over.

    Post by quater

    Okay, I'll just start with THE most important announcement.

    I changed up the ranks. A lot. I got rid of the Medical, Hunter, and Anbu ranks. I know, I know. Probably a mistake. A lot of people had those ranks and were Jounin. But I am kind of tired of having ranks on the site that do NOTHING for the site. So I got rid of them. Eventually I hope we can reintroduce those three ranks and let them actually mean something for the site.

    The problem is this means a lot of you who were Jounin will have a rank that says Genin.

    Relax. Its very easy to fix. PM me saying it needs to be fixed and I will. Or PM your Kage. This also goes for Chuunin. No one's trying to usurp your rank. We're just trying to clean up the site. Sadly this is a problem of those rankings. I also got rid of the Clan Leader ranks. And WOTN elite shinobi. And anything random.

    We plan on doing more with the ranks in the future. But please just PM your kage and we'll fix this for you guys right away.

    Okay! The next thing for you guys to look at is your villages. We kage's talked it over and, after a very persuasive argument by me, we are getting rid of the clans. Temporarily. Nothing you guys worked on is lost. I put it in the Village Council idea.

    We want villages to have clans. The problem is running them and making them useful for the site. We never figured that out. And until we do we're getting rid of them. Without doing that they just get confusing on the site. I hope to release them back on the site soon. So work with us. And be patient.

    Next up is the War stuff. Everything about the war is going away, now. Including Sand's invasion of Storm. No real need to keep that up for this long. A lot of the new people don't even understand it. So, I'm officially declaring Storm a free state.

    I've also taken down the Christmas section, since Christmas is over. And I took down the Government section. Maybe we can tweak that idea and fix it. Till then, it's gone.

    Last announcement: Congratulations to SSS and Darkflame who are the site's new Jounin and only examinees to pass the Jounin Exam.

    We'll be having a new Chuunin Exam next month. And a Village competition. So be ready.
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