Auschwitz sign stolen~


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    Auschwitz sign stolen~

    Post by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Yeah, so some people apparently broke into Auschwitz concentration camp and stole the sign at the entrance "Arbeit Macht Frei" or 'Work Sets You Free'~

    They've got to have planned it cause they knew where the security cameras were and perfected their getaway... plus I've been to Auschwitz and that sign was pretty damn big.

    I think its a bloody insult that anyone could steal that... especially since it was crafted by prisoners in the camp. Whatever your opinion on the camp being kept open and people being able to visit, that's just low. I mean, I know some people think that the place should be destroyed because of what happened there but I think it is right that its kept open, its like a constant reminder of what happened, and makes people realise something like that should not be allowed to happen again.

    I mean that sign is the first thing you see when you go there, and you can imagine the millions of people that passed under it, and wouldn't come out of it alive.. not to mention inside the camp, all the memories and history behind it.

    I hope its not just people stealing it as mindless vandalism, and I certainly hope it wasn't some sort of neo-nazi group taking it.. but I do hope they get it back... I don't even know why I was so bothered by it, but its shocking how low people will stoop, even to steal a 40kg sign that shows the cynicism of Hitlers idea of a 'perfect' world. =/
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    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:08 by Banouin

    Awwww =(

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:12 by Little_Shiro

    Aww D:

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:13 by Toshii


    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:32 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease


    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:38 by UreshiiQ

    So this was like a Nazi work camp?

    And not to insult you, or anything, but I'm glad I know you're British now, cuz the spelling was really making me wonder ^_^ (Using the 's' instead of 'z' not our actual spelling ^_^;;)

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:40 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Yeah? It's you cooky Americans chaning our English ^_^

    It was one of the main concentration camps in Poland. I went there with my school last year~

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:42 by UreshiiQ

    >.> I read abuot those in this book. The main character's best friend got shot and died. Didn't say it was there though...but it's possible...

    And :P XD ^_^;; you used some words i didn't understand there, Clair XD

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:47 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Erm... yeah ^_^;;

    I used words you didn't understand?

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:51 by Banouin


    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 19:59 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    I didn't actually use any 'American' spelling in this either, or at least I don't think I did? Uh

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 20:03 by Banouin

    hope its not just people stealing it as mindless vandalism


    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 20:07 by Toshii

    that would be funny

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:17 by UreshiiQ

    Yeah, I just hate to see this happen >.>

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:21 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Nice, Bano.

    No, Toshi. It wouldn't be funny, at all. It would be a sick joke.

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:26 by quater

    Yucko. Yes, it should be kept open. Three reasons why it should be left open and why this is so yucky:
    A) It disrespects the people that died there to do this. =/
    B) Its a part of history. Whatever you may think of it, and hopefully you think very ill of the Holocaust, history should never be messed with. =/
    C) If we lose the proof that this event happened, then people will forget it did and some will say they didn't. =/ That's why stuff like this is important. So stealing the sign is just low.

    When General Eisenhower found one of the concentration camps, I think it was Auschwitz but I'm not sure, he said, "Take as many pictures as you can, take note of everything, and get a full scope of what you see here. Because if we don't in fifty years some moron will say it never happened."

    So put that sign back up!

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:29 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Thats why the people who work at Auschwitz and conserve it are very careful what they alter or change from anything there, or what they move... because they could easily get accused of making the whole thing up by non-believers.

    I hope they find the sign ._.

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:30 by quater

    How you can be a non believer of something like that is ridiculous. Its why knowing history, and true history, not manufactured history by opinionists is sooo very important. =/

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:32 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    I know! I don't get it either.
    There's photographic evidence and actual buildings etc as evidence, as well as survivors still alive today.
    Not to mention German people who fit into the "Aryan" category who are still alive today. [The pope?]

    Post on Fri Dec 18 2009, 21:36 by quater

    I think its because they're evil, plain and simple. If you're denying truth then you're just lying. And liars aren't good, after all.

    Like the leader of Iran who did it (Other Islamic goons who believe terrorism is the answer and destroying Israel is okay because the Holocaust didn't happen.) Or Intellectual elitists. Seriously, there's some Atheist scientists who are well respected and have been quoted saying things like, "We must beg the question, did the Jewish people do this to themselves being so divisive in their beliefs."

    Yes, the Jewish people were the bad guys because they forced people to eradicate them because they were so hatefilled...Crazy times we live in. Truly.

    Post on Fri Dec 25 2009, 23:15 by UreshiiQ

    Sorry...but ican't help but giggle at the scientist's quote.
    But seriously. Non-belivers...of World War 2? >.> Of German plans to eradicate all Jews?
    It's a little crazy.

    Post on Sat Dec 26 2009, 09:16 by neon kun

    WOW... >____< that's really low... and mean and... so wrooong. D: how can they do that? it's just.. so.... DDDDDDDDD:

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