Family Issues


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    Family Issues

    Post by Temari

    My mom has been a complete jerk for the past few years and it's boiled down to my parents splitting up. She blames it on my dad and we all blame it on her. why? well she cheated on my dad two times and she's an unfit mother. My mother loves to party like she's still 16 but she's not. I don't like to be near her, I don't like her touching me and I won't put her clothes in the washer/dryer because she's been sleeping with other men. it makes me sick to know that she's married and sleeping with other men who are married or are divorced.

    I have to hold onto my dad's bills, documents and things for when they go to court because my mother thinks my dad is hiding something. but it's easy to tell since he lets you look if you ask but if you ask my mom she screams and yells. she never thinks about anyone but her. What I find interesting is that my dad and my grandma say I'm more mature and more of a role model than her. I also find it funny that even her friends hate her and they won't lie for her anymore. Some of them even help us out now so we can straighten my mom out and get her to realize what's she's been doing the pass two to three years.

    Since the family dispute last night things have gotten worse once again. I'm now going to have to go with my mom this weekend if she finds a apartment and I'm trying to get her to let me stay since I hate her and so does pretty much everyone. If I had to decide who to live with it wouldn't be my mom or my dad since it's just too hard to choose since my dad got another DWI. (my mom will always call him a drunk but he's not. He rarely drinks. She's the drunk)
    I guess I just need some more time to think. It's just all too confusing and difficult for me.

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    Post on Thu Nov 12 2009, 16:30 by quater

    Wow, that's really sad, Temari. I'm sorry to hear it all.

    Post on Thu Nov 12 2009, 16:31 by Temari

    I know and hard for me to stand it any longer. yesterday I was going to call the cops but I was told not to. It's ok. I'm sure it will get better soon.

    Post on Sat Dec 12 2009, 17:47 by UreshiiQ

    Aw, I'm sorry to hear, Tema...I hope everything get's better soon D:

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