The world really is ugly.


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    The world really is ugly.

    Post by theBOSS.

    This really made me sick, and I nearly cried.

    (translated from a Korean article)
    One morning on her way to school, Na-Young was dragged to a public toilet by a 50 year old strange man. He was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, told by the police department which handled her case.

    l Beaten and strangled:

    He punched her face and stomach when she refused to take off her clothes. He then strangled her neck to make her pass out but when he didnít succeed he held her head under the water of toilet seat until she did pass out. It was assumed he did this to make it easy to force himself on her. Up till this point, she was still conscious, said Na-Young when she was asked to describe everything she could remember. It was also confirmed by physical evidences.

    l Violently raped and sexually tortured:

    When she fell unconscious he made held her against the closed toilet seat cover then had penetrative intercourse (anal and vaginal). He then performed the same penetrative pistol action to her right ear. Her head and her ear were crushed against the water tank each time of his pistol action. Her right shoulder was also dislocated as a result.

    l Injury of internal oragns and a rupture:

    Thinking he had to destroy the evidence by cleaning her inside out of his semen, he pushed her face down in the toilet again to wash her ears. He then used a pump (used for blocked toilets) on her via anus in attempt to extract his semen which lead to severe rupture of her large intestine where he, this time, tried to push the organs back inside her using the long stick of the pump. During this process, he damaged her genital organs completely.

    l Attempt to destroy the evidences and cover up the crime scene:

    He tried to clean her up. Flushed her blood and other traces of her organs down the toilet, washed her and made her sit upright but decides to have another intercourse. When he was finally done and satisfied, he ran away leaving Na-Young to die.

    9-year old Na-Young went under 8 hour operation and her life was saved but she has lost all her functions of genital organs and has to live the rest of her life with a bag attached to her bladder. But this physical pain and suffering would be nothing compared to the bruises left on her heart and mind.

    The offender received 12 years in prison.


    Like seriously.
    This guy is a total sicko.
    He's the one that brings to light the ugliness of the world and humankind.

    Yeah, who are we to judge him? We're not God.
    But really? Torturing and scarring a child like that? Maybe death is too much for us to control and convict him to. But 12 years? How is Na-Young going to live? She's going to live constantly with the fear that he might come back any day. She'll be what, 21? She's not going to be able to live with a bag attached to her bladder. She's going to be physically weak, always. She's probably not going to be able to have normal, human interactions - especially with men who, in her mind, will probably hurt her.

    It's not only in Korea.
    I'm sure that other countries that aren't strict with sexual assault crimes - no, this isn't even a sexual assault. It's something way worse, something that can't be expressed with words.

    Idiots like this 50-year old monster are the reason why the world is getting more and more screwy.
    I can't even type without trying to find the right words to express whatever I'm feeling. Ugh, I need food.
    I'm praying for you, Na-Young.
    I hate that scum that did this to her, but hopefully I can let that go and pray that he can repent in prison.

    How about realists like myself?
    Spread the word? Through facebook?
    How unlikely is that? How the hell are we going to make a difference?
    Is it wrong to try? To care?
    The chances of getting so messed up that your organs are coming out of you is small.
    But in this case, it could have been preventable. It could have been punished more harshly, to let Na-Young sleep safely at night with the knowledge that the guy's behind bars his whole life.
    Even if we're not going to send a petition to the Korean government, we can raise awareness. Make this preventable here, in the U.S.


    That was the not-cursed version for facebook.

    BUT MOTHERFUCKINGSHIT. I want to fly over there and fucking shove a hot iron up his ass and ask him how that feels.

    Too bad my religion prevents it.
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    Post on Wed Sep 30 2009, 22:03 by quater

    We shouldn't take a person's life because we're not God?

    I say we blow his head off and ask forgiveness later.

    Post on Wed Sep 30 2009, 22:06 by theBOSS.

    I guess you're the more violent one here. ^^;

    But huzzah for the Kazekage's input!

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 01:20 by Mikel

    fucking torture the asshole. let him die slowly. those kind of shit doesn't deserve to be given any mercy.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 10:32 by GL

    im so upset right now. that old man should have been imprisoned for life! he have ruined Na-Young's life. its fair if we ruins his too, by putting him in jail for the rest of his life.
    i dont understand how someone can do something so horrible just for sex. it makes me so sick.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 10:43 by Mikel

    *pats jess' head*

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 10:48 by GL

    *smiles* heh.. but really. you should torture rapers, as you said mikel. atleast do something just as horrible to them.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 11:08 by Mikel

    of course. those things are unforgivable.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 12:07 by quater

    Personally, since he caused her organ damage, I think we should take out an organ at a time and put in a sack in front of his eyes until he dies. If we're lucky we can get 4 or 5 out before this evil abomination of a person disappears from this planet.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 13:29 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Thats just pure evil... only 9 years old as well...

    That story actually made me feel physically sick reading it.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 15:05 by Rika Helenia

    12 years he should have gotten life or death for doing all that to a nine year old!!!!! my god i'm so sick and pissed now oh my god

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 15:36 by Always-Abby

    I couldn't read through it again. :/
    I thought about this all day (I read it this morning on FB), and it's really upsetting.
    12 years? Absolutely fucking ridiculous.
    Just have some even more assholish guy to do the same to him, see how he feels.
    Or do what Q and Mikel said.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 16:58 by D-Dei

    Just throwing him in prison isn't enough.

    Lynching! We should get Barkha to do that.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 18:13 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Ever seen the movie the cell??
    Well in the virtual-mind-world place there is this table, with a little spindle - y looking stick above it.. The purpose of this stick is so that you can attach the end of ones intestines to it. After you cut a hole in the persons abdomen to get the end of said internal organs, you slowly turn this stick thing, and out come the guts while the person on the table is still alive.

    Oh yeah, this guy deserves it.

    Post on Thu Oct 01 2009, 21:09 by KarateKeyaQ

    I'm pretty sure he'll get his in jail.

    *shakes head*

    Post on Fri Oct 02 2009, 19:06 by!

    She was 9? What the fuck? He needs to be put through torture. But none of that will compare to what he did to that girl because he deserves it, and she didn't D:

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