[KKQ's Thoughts and Learnings]


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    [KKQ's Thoughts and Learnings]

    Post by KarateKeyaQ

    So I learned something today (No way, right!?)
    At school, at that. (I know, crazy right?!)

    Anyway; It's about Native Americans.
    Now I don't know about you guys but my perspective of Indians had always been the ones portrayed in movies: Savage, vile, evil, the devils, you know.
    Yeah well that's bullcrap. And yeah, somewhere along the line while I aged; I realized it as well.
    So my view changed and I started to see them as nice, fun loving, nature-hugging, hippie-type people.
    That was bullcrap too.

    First things first;
    Indians INVENTED slavery. I'm serious. They did. Albeit, it wasn't as intentional and harmful as what whites did later on but they did.

    And second: Indians were taken advantage of.

    Lets delve on the first statement first.
    Yep, yep. They pretty much thought up slavery even if they didn't especially know it at the time. Indians were ignorant, not dumb. (I got the impression they were dumb from their language, *shrugs*).

    But they weren't that savage. Actually, they weren't savage at all. They simply did what they had to. When the Puritans (English group?) came over and started to push them off their very own land, they retaliated.

    And when one of their own was slain or taken, they took one of the Puritans. Was it civil? 'course not. Right? Nope. Fair? Not really. But they didn't really care. They just wanted someone to replace whomever of theirs had been killed and thought: Hey, why don't we use one of the people who killed him in the first place!?

    They weren't trying to be mean. They were trying to be as logical as they could. Hell, they didn't even treat their slaves badly. They tried as hard as they could to provide food and shelter for the slaves. They even tried harder to protect the people they captured than to protect their own selves.


    I thought it was.

    But the Puritans weren't really trying to be all that mean either. They actually did offer a few pretty beads in exchange for miles of land. And no; I'm not being sarcastic. Yes, the Puritans might have been unfair but they certainly didn't want to fight. When the Indians accepted the items (if only because they didn't understand the concept of "ownership"), the Puritans assumed that meant they accepted the deal and set off to claim the land they so rightfully thought they now owned.

    So what was it? A simple miss communication on both of their parts. How sad is that?

    Why the History lesson?
    No reason xD I just wanted to voice some of my thoughts about it. I'm sure you guys already know this anyway. It was more for my benefit than for others.

    Long story short: I think the world would be much better if we all communicated our wants and needs articulately.

    Then again, that wouldn't solve the fact that we all want and need different things.

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