I'm a racist...


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    I'm a racist...

    Post by quater

    And if you disagree with any of President Obama's policies, so are you! Its not about, you know, the fundamental ideological differences you may have with him. No, its simply because you are uncomfortable with a man having a different colored skin than you. It doesn't matter that a lot the people who are against President Obama, are, dare I say it, black! That doesn't matter. They are racist, too.

    Now I know, I know. Racism has already been hit a bit in the Opinion Section. But, in my last blog, which got a lot more attention that I expected it to, I hit upon some of the racism dirt slinging in the Comment Section. I've decided, if I'm going to do some news and informational blogs, I might as well get this one out of the way. So I'll give you my opinion on racism, and I am basing it off of earlier Blogs by people like KKQ who've agreed that they think racism is almost entirely dead. I'm also going to be going with the idea that in a 2009 where President Obama is a black man (In case you didn't know) and we can now elect black people (and I contend any race) to the highest power on Earth, then we can say that racism is largely dead. Finally, I refer most often to black people in this blog. Not that I don't think other races exist or anything, its mostly because in politics today, black people are just the loudest voices. Especially in race. Not that it doesn't happen, but latinoes and Asians don't pull the race card often. So, I will refer to blacks, but I mean minority, so you know. (Native Americans too!)

    By the way, something you may not be well aware of, is that a lot of the people out there in 2008 and 2007 were saying the same things as I mentioned before. That is, anyone who disagrees with the President's administration is a racist. Except they were saying it on the campaign trail. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton complained saying, "I think they played the race card on me." So guess what? This tactic? Nothing new. The people in charge using the fear all term of racism to end debate? Completely in the norm. They declared that President Obama's election would prove that America had dropped its racist tendencies. But the day after President Obama's election was won, about five articles came out saying (to paraphrase for you), 'Don't read this election wrong. America's taken a step forward, but its still as evil and racist as ever. Don't think we can stop playing the race card, even if we said that all throughout the campaign. No, this election really just means that America is racist because fifty five million people didn't support the black guy.'

    Think about that. Now, no matter what you do, you're racist. Isn't that how it is? Its a never ending cycle. And now we know why! According to a new study, racism is something baby's learn at six months old. Uhuh. Apparently baby's learn to identify color and start hating black people. Hm. Now personally, if this were true, then shouldn't we tolerate racism? If Homosexuality is an inborn specialty, as they advocate they are, and we have to tolerate gay parades where half naked people dance on poles, then aren't we supposed to tolerate inborn problems (Like wearing a Mankini)? So shouldn't, under the same conditions, racism be tolerated?

    Of course I am not serious, mind you. Racism is intolerable. And with racism, so is the idiotic notion that babies learn racism at six months. Good Lord, the race wagon is in full show, is it not? But there are many racist events on the horizon. Do you recall the Senator who said, "You lie," to the President of the United States? Well, according to the news Media what he was really thinking was, "You lie, boy." Of course, as they put it, it was the 'unspoken word' in the room. Or another racist event, where scary crowds waved signs that said they disagreed with the President at rallies. These racist hordes then, in full view of the Media eye, had the audacity to chant, "No on Healthcare or No votes for you." But, if you can pardon me to do the Media's job, I'm sure what they were really attempting to say was, "No on Healthcare for black people or no votes from white people."

    Even though the No on healthcare line was a jest, sadly in today's media world that would pass as objective journalism on the issue of race in America. And one has to ask, how did it get this way? Race used to be a real issue, 40 years ago. Segregation in schools (Though that was 50 years ago), segregated water fountains, busses, and other facilities. In those days, the word racist meant something. Now, its about as threatening as saying, "How Gay was that test today?"

    I could easily list event after event where people in the news and serious politicians blame racism as the cause of this or that, completely ridiculously. Such as Van Jones, a committed Communist who had been in President Obama's administration that was recently found out. He was black, so thus it wasn't communism but racism that made us want to oust him. Or when Nanci Pelosi said she feared for President Obama's safety from white aggression. Or when Qadafi (Arguably the founder of modern terrorism, and an extremely scary man. He's like, Osama Bin Laden murderous) gave a speech in America, saying he also feared for the President's life! Sure is a lot of fear! So, stupid.

    I am going to operate under the assumption that like me, most of you are so sick and tired of this. Do you know why, I personally think we are, tired of it? This blog is for most thinking, rational people, who aren't under the assumption America is the evilest of evils and that you have spent your life being attacked by white people, or attacking others. Here is my reasoning behind why we are tired of it: We are 2009. We are the younger, and hopefully for awesome's sake, flashier generation. Nowadays when you play a video game, the black guy is just as strong and Leet to play, as the Japanese school girl. In TV, especially Anime, we've seen every race kick butt. From Hancock to Yourichi to X-Men to Usopp to Turk from Scrubs. On pretty much every level of TV and Media we see girls, races, and people all as equal. There is no big difference. You may think, "Well so?"

    Well so is the point. Our generation didn't grow up seeing blacks segregated from whites. Our generation grew up knowing that the black guy in the video game had the uber punch but the Asian guy could use the awesome Katana. We didn't grow up separated school wise. Instead we watched a black man become President. And this makes all the difference. The generation before us? They came to view racism as bad (as it is) and tried to make all people equal and destroy all differences. But our generation has lived under this equal mask, and we've seen through it. We enjoy the Family Guy joke where Peter takes out an Asian kid and tries to use him on the SAT instead of a Calculator. We enjoy when Turk on Scrubs tries to act all black and cool only to get put down by Dr. Cox. We find Bernie Mac, George Lopez, and other comedians who are not afraid to exploit their cultural differences, funny!

    This might be hard to follow, so I will get to the point I am making: We no longer see race as a big deal! Race to us, is just a difference in people. No weirder really than eye color. Some people like it more than others, not really much you can do to change it (contacts excluded) and it doesn't make you any less of a person to be different eye colored. I might be wrong, and many of today's race chargers would say I just subconsciously have racist tendencies and am trying to hide them, but I think our generation has lost its overall caring of it. That isn't to say there aren't extremists. And these extremists are frowned upon, and are stupid. But they're no longer the majority, or even a small portion of it.

    So why do the media, the elites still think that racism is a big deal? Well, three or four reasons I believe this. I believe these are the reasons why Racism is still an issue today. And look, I am writing this under the principle I think we can mostly agree that white people and black people aren't different. After all, its not like users on here see any difference, hopefully. When I find out someone on here is black or white from a pic, I don't suddenly start recoiling away from them as a friend. And I am hoping you don't, too!

    Reason number one: The Media and Elites think it works. The Media and Elites have for 50 years or so been able to attack someone, charge them as a racist, and get away with that person scarred and themselves the heroes. Heck, finding out a politician is a racist of some kind? That's a real score of a story on your hands! That's because to the last generation, racism was everywhere so exterminating the racist flames that still shine bright, is a great guilt relinquish. What they don't realize is that our generation is less than impressed. Unless you can find very solid evidence to support it, we tune off, usually, once the race card starts flying around. The Media still hopes that even the tiniest charge of racism will get you writing hate mail. But we've grown up in an environment where race, doesn't really matter. And yet, while we believe race is no longer a big deal, people are throwing the race card like crazy. We've become desensitized to these constant alarmings. And we've become apathetic to the overall theme in general. I'm not saying we don't find evil in racism, we do. We just don't see it everywhere in everything like we're supposed to. And frankly, we're tired of being told it is everywhere and in everything. Take History, for example. Did you know, forty years ago history was one of America's highest academic spots? Now its one of the lowest. Did you also know, forty years ago History talked about battles, war, and famous persons that stood up for evil? Well, now American History spends about a page per 15 page chapter explaining how racism was in America. I'm not suggesting that Racism shouldn't be covered, but I also suggest we cover the battles and war. Since history has become such a flop, we should realize that a part of the reason it flopped was because the good side of America in War was just turned into America being racist. And people stopped caring about History shortly thereafter. Now American History is the covering of the slave trade, Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, the Civil Rights movement, and racial tensions still existing today. Again, I don't suggest that we get rid of this stuff. But people don't find it interesting. So if we could share this room over with something like, the actual War that occurred during the Civil War, you know, when white people died to give blacks freedom, we might be better off. This was one quick example where constant race race racing bored the snot out of everyone. This blog might become another example Xp

    Reason number two: It is a way to promote power. Theodore Roosevelt once said that the biggest danger to America is if America becomes a 'hyphenated' America. What he meant was, if we become a country of 'African-Americans,' and, 'Mexican-Americans,' and 'Asian-Americans,' and forget, that at our core we are all Americans, then we will cease to exist. And that seems to be exactly what we are facing today. Though the racial institutions that were in America are dead or gasping, we still talk as if Racism is running rampant and segregating millions and billions of Americans. Why? As I already stated, I am a believer that racism in America is largely dead and is just being overplayed. And to be frank, I think a lot of people know that it is. So why then is it kept going? Because as long as people can say, "racism!" they can end a person's career. But even more than that, it is a way to keep themselves in power. As long as the Democrats can say that those, 'evil wily no good Republicans~' are out there no black man is safe. Vote for us, and you may survive the lynching mob, for today. This is nothing but dirty tricks that they are playing on you, and on me. They keep race alive for no better reason then to attack us with it. They keep the phantom that is racism in America alive so that you be a good little supporter and do as they say. Personally, I always find it odd that in politics they start telling us what race voted for what? Who started keeping track of that? If we are all Americans, why do they separate us by our color to decide how we vote, huh? My opinion is they do this to keep the races in line. They say all blacks vote democrat, so thus if you're black and have any pride you'll vote Democrat. The thing is, they don't want you to be an independent American. They want you to fall in line with your race. Why? Because if all blacks vote democrat, that's a lot of votes. And that becomes a lot of power. And that power is what they really seek.

    Reason Number three: They think you're too stupid to realize it. Frankly, it could even be called racism. Going from where I started in reason number two, the reason that racism exists is because they want it to. They want black people to think that evil white republicans are out to get them. They want Latinoes to think evil white Republicans are trying to send all their grandparents to Mexico. They want you to think all this. Why? Because of the power. And they think you're too stupid to realize it. And frankly, some of us are. If you ask an average American what party is evil and racist, they say Republican. If you ask them what party supported segregation, then it gets confusing. It wasn't Republicans that segregated the South. In fact, the Republican party was born from the need to end slavery. And Martin Luther King, was a Republican. It was southern Democrats that supported racism. But can you tell that from today's environment? No. And don't give me that garbage about southern racist democrats jumping ship. Why would the racist democrats go to the party that has always supported the end to racism to cover themselves? That'd be like the KKK clansmen trying to hide out in a Black Panther bunker. It doesn't work! In a way, it is racism. They think black people, latino people, Asians, they think you can't think for yourselves. The election of President Obama is a perfect example. Black people, go register and vote President Obama. Why? Because he's black, too! Duh. What do you mean you can think for yourself? He's the same color as you. You have to vote for him. Okay, I know no one was saying those exact words. But sometimes that's how the Democrat party and the elite message seems to be. Why do you think they always make a big deal about the first black this and the first black that? Its historical, sure. But more importantly, its a rallying cry. "Blacks, support us because we are you." And that is that. Its never occurred to them that black people might not just follow what other black people say. They never thought to themselves that black people might not be a herd that just follow themselves around. For example, Condoleeza Rice. She's the first Black woman as a Secretary of State. Where was the big hooblah then? There was none. Because she wasn't democrat, and she wasn't a real black person. Because real black people only vote Democrat. That's that.

    Reason Number Four: Statistically if you tell a kid that he might be the victim of racism or discrimination, in about three months most kids will think they were. That had to be proven statistically? Its so obvious. Frankly, I think nowadays, the minorities are keeping a lot of the racism alive. President Obama's former pastor said that the White Man created AIDS to kill Africans. That is the kind of minorities I'm talking about. And through the same venue of comedy that I mentioned earlier, where racism ends, it also stays alive. People latch onto what some of these comedians say as Gold. Racism still exists because a funny Comedian made a skit saying it did. And that is that. They operate under the assumption, one promoted by the media, for example that white evil cops are always going after black guys. There was a story recently where some black group was violent and got attacked by cops. It was the evil cops verse the black men, right? Except there was one tiny problem. The cops that hushed the black group WAS black! So evil black cops verse Evil black mob? Veto. That's not racist sounding. Or what about another news story. Some guys went to a rally and hauled guns around with them. One was quoted as saying, "I take this gun everywhere with me. Its how I know I'm safe." The news media agreed that this was a racial issue. Except the guy that they quoted was Black! But most minorities, and I mean this as no attack on minorities, still argue they've been wronged and they're still being wronged. Some go as far back as to complain about slavery! And I'm not trying to pick on you guys on here, I'm talking about supposed scholars of Academia are saying this garbage. That Jim Crow laws means they should get reparations! They create in minorities a victim mentality: You are not responsible for anything bad you do in your life. Instead, white man is after you and you have to fight him. By voting democrat~ Its such a garbage mentality, but sadly a lot of people buy into it. In fact, I can prove this statistically. 80 - 90% of White people believe country before race. To put that in simple terms, the United States of America and Americans is more important to me than if I'm black or white or who's running the show. And thus, President Obama, the supposed transcender of race in America, is elected. But, blacks answered 87% of them (I am running this off memory that is almost 9 months old, so if the numbers are a little skewed, I apologize) put race before country. In otherwords, black people before the United States of America. Now I don't mean to pick on black people, but that's not right. Yes, for most of American History whites were on the wrong side of Racism. But now I'd argue that the large majority of us got it. Now its your turn, minorities. Put country before race. Otherwise, racism cannot die.

    Okay, this will probably get me a lot of flak and its even possible this blog could lose me friends. I'm not actually a racist, incase you didn't get what I was saying in the Title. To sum up: People all over in the Media and establishments are blaming everything on race. Our generation doesn't see race as a big deal. And there are 4 big reasons why they still play the race card on everything. Sadly, I think if these trends aren't ended soon, we may see the Theodore Roosevelt prediction come out. Mind you, race does exist here and there, but overall I contend its dead. That we have come to accept ourselves as equal but we do have differences. Differences to be enjoyed. And despite our differences, we are all Americans and we should all enjoy the freedoms that exist in America. (For those of you outside of America, I've stuck mostly to the American Racism problem. I have no idea how it acts in Europe or the Philippines, so I apologize in advance ^_^;;;;)

    And by the way, America is one of the most free countries on Earth. Race included. If you disagree, go to Africa, or go to South America, or Asia, and see if they accept you so fast. Heck, go to certain parts of Europe and say you're a Jew. And yet, as we live in this free country, with a black president, we are racists. That is that. At the end of the day, there is no escaping it. And someday, the word racism will no longer mean anything. And real racism like segregation and slavery, will lose meaning. If you're a racist for disagreeing with President Obama and you're a racist for keeping schools segregated, then racism isn't a big deal. And what the forerunners in Civil Rights did wasn't a big deal. And someday, like America's founding fathers and like the patriots that died freeing slaves in the Civil War, we will no longer find what Martin Luther King did as a big deal. And that's the real shame in all this.

    Well, all done. This very opinionated piece is what I think. I don't expect many people to agree with me. I will probably get in a lot of trouble for this. But, I wanted to say what I believe on race. Maybe others agree with me. Or maybe not. But its what I think is true.
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    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 21:35 by amaterasu

    I wouldn't expect many people to read it all Q

    you know how lazy they are?

    and how intimidating this was?

    it was long, and people don't like to read long things.

    I agree with you on our generation part

    I don't know a lot of american history, so I can't comment really on that, but I agree with most things.

    I think Canada is better at accepting people, but since we have about 1/10 of the American population it goes largely unnoticed

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 21:36 by quater

    Haha, was it hard reading? Or just long?

    Hey, if one person read it I feel good.

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 21:39 by amaterasu

    just long

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 21:54 by quater

    Then that's okay. ^^;;;

    People's laziness isn't my problem. ^_^

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 21:58 by amaterasu

    I guess it wasn't hard to write, and it didn't seem long to write either

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 21:58 by quater

    Wait, what?

    It took me 2 hours to write.

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 22:03 by amaterasu

    seem long to write. I know when I write or type something that is really long, but isn't terribly frustrating to write, it goes by quickly

    Post on Wed Sep 30 2009, 00:28 by Destinykil

    im racist. to the core. jews, dirty blacks, spics

    Post on Wed Sep 30 2009, 00:42 by quater

    Yeah, I guess that's true, Ama. I enjoyed writing it, at least.

    Um, ^ I am not that, Dek.

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