Manly Colors? Or colors in general?

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    Manly Colors? Or colors in general?

    Post by Destinykil

    Why is it that people get to decide what colors are manly and girly? I think every color is acceptable in both sexes..albeit, Pink doesnt look too good on men but still they shouldnt be penalized for it. I have a purple cell phone, does that make me less of a man becuz its not a solid rugged color? I dont think so. But in todays world...almost everything comes down to the majority judgement.
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    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:48 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Hey, pink on guys can look good! _

    You gotta know how to work it xP

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:49 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Nope. I don't usually hold too many gender stereo-types and all that crap. But guys in pink just...bleh.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 20:57 by KarateKeyaQ

    Where I got to school, guys wear purple and pink all the time. I think it looks cool ;D

    Although, I have to admit, I have a "thang" for dudes in black >DD

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 21:03 by quater

    KKQ digs emoes! Or she's racist Xp

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 21:10 by KarateKeyaQ

    Fine I admit.
    I am racist xD

    I put; where I "got" to school, haha.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 21:13 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Guys in black ;D

    Post on Tue Sep 29 2009, 20:51 by ukyo

    i like purple actually if the bike im getting come in purple i would be first in line to buy it.
    i dont care who likes what color one job i was at this big huge guy had a pink razr, i would have loved to see someone tell him anything bad about it

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