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    Post by Destinykil

    Im not sure how this really affects anyone but it makes me sad inside...whenever i get a big check from work almost 1/3 of it is taken away from taxes which i think is complete BS!. Im sick of the government taking away my money.. I dont care if i get it back at the end of the year i earned that money and i demand it stay in my check.
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    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 15:55 by quater

    Then go tell Congress.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 15:57 by Destinykil

    Well....someone like me who doesnt make a lot of money is a blip on the congress radar. I barely show up. It wouldnt make a lickin difference

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 15:58 by quater

    Yes it would. And if you feel like your vote doesn't matter then get some more people together.

    1 is a drop. 10 is a splish. 100 is a splash. 1000 is a puddle. 10,000 is a bucket.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:00 by Destinykil

    i havent even registered to vote yet. Havent had a chance with work. /Eventually i will. Although ppl in my citry dont feel as strongly as i do about this kind of stuff. They are a little backwards

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:03 by quater

    Then change their opinions. You like to fight, huh? ^_^ Then fight where the country is on the line.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:05 by Destinykil

    I see your point. Instead of fist fighting...have a verbal conflict to sway people onto my side of the table. I like the way you think Q. ^_^

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:07 by quater

    Well, yeah. ^_^ I mean, you can beat up a hundred people but that's not nearly as powerful as a good politicist can do. Plus, when you beat them up all you've done is beat them. If you change someone's opinions you could get them to change other people's opinions and your reach grows.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:10 by Destinykil

    Very true.. but most ppl dont see things at the intellectual point. They are like zombie voters.. Whatever happens they go with the general flow of the world...

    "Obama is a bad president" <---people hear this a lot and my town at least

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:17 by quater

    President Obama is a bad president. Go read my "Name Which" Blog if you think he's been good on foreign policy.

    I don't think people are Zombies, I think they are just uneducated.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:26 by Destinykil

    i didnt neccessarily say hes a bad president it was just a sentence ppl tend to follow as uneducated followers.

    Personally i havent really been following him because im more of a republican but still...ill check it out

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:28 by quater

    You should. Just cause you're a Republican, you gotta know what he's doing to our country. And its not good.

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:42 by SickSelfishSyQo

    You know, you can fill out a form from your work place so that the gov. doesn't take as much out of your check. I think it's something like you won't have federal taxes taken out or something...

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:46 by Destinykil

    i just went for direct deposit

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 16:50 by SickSelfishSyQo

    O_O The form I'm talking about is something to do with your w2

    Post on Mon Sep 28 2009, 21:09 by KarateKeyaQ

    I know nothing about taxes except that all prices on tags are wrong!
    They are all actually sneaking in more money for you to pay when they ring up everything.

    I learned that hard life lesson at age ten?
    I don't know. Long time ago.

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