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    Post by Banouin

    Ok, I have been making a few topics here, maybe more then Q.

    Anyway. I have to ask you, WotN. Why are none of you recruiting? We have at best, like 3 people that have ever gave it a real try. It's not hard to understand that without new blood WotN will fail.

    1: Go to a site, look up anime.

    2: Pm the people that come up, tell them things about the site.

    3: Wait.

    4: Win.

    This works 90% of the time. I made a topic like this for only the kages to see, but then I thought, why not all of WotN. We have told you all this before. I don't see whats so hard to get about it. Do you want WotN to die?

    Also, Missions. Are they so hard to do? We have one for just playing a game.

    And the only ones that have said anything about them to me are. Des. *WHO DID the fing mission. You all are being outdone by someone that does not get on much.* and Q. Yeah. Q. Who runs wotn and so many sidejobs for fun that the line "I have things to do, my life is so busy" Just does not cut it people.

    So, I have come up with one thought. You people just don't want to do the fun stuff we give you. Don't know how. Or you just don't see them.

    All of them are just. Mih. So.

    1 - Get out and do some recruiting

    2 - Do some missions. Game ones or not.

    3 - You win.
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    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 17:54 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease


    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 19:41 by quater

    Yay for this. This is yay.

    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 19:45 by theBOSS.

    If this was a fb note, I'd like it 100000000 times.

    Post on Sun Oct 04 2009, 13:17 by quater

    Its kind of sad but I've gotten most of this month's recruits. And I am the world's worst recruiter.

    Post on Sun Oct 04 2009, 20:18 by Yoyo

    Clearly not. The worst wouldn't get any responses whatsoever. ^_~
    But for being in charge of the site....the fact that you did most of this month's work means that WotN needs to get it's butt in gear. -__-;

    Post on Sun Oct 04 2009, 20:32 by quater

    You took my message of hope and motivation for Ninja that felt inadequate and turned it into a guilt trap.

    I'm totally okay with that. Oh Yeah!

    Post on Mon Oct 05 2009, 14:30 by Banouin

    Q, do you have a pm that you send to everyone? Or do you just wing it with every new pm? ^_^; can I see yours. Mine sucks.

    Post on Mon Oct 05 2009, 14:36 by quater

    I have one PM I send to people that I modify. I usually pick out something about them and mention it to them in the PM so it seems less standardized. "Like, way cool profile, too! You must be cool!" or "Your name has Naruto in it so I thought..". Its full of love, rainbows, and friendship!

    Post on Mon Oct 05 2009, 14:47 by Banouin

    Ok, thats a good idea. ^_^ I will have to start doing that as well.

    Post on Mon Oct 05 2009, 14:51 by quater

    Yes! I think it helps! Mention friendship, too! And also mention how you're new and need some help.

    Post on Mon Oct 05 2009, 18:16 by Yoyo

    I should mention that I'm new and need help. :D

    Post on Mon Oct 05 2009, 23:52 by quater

    You're actually quite old on WOTN Xp

    Post on Tue Oct 06 2009, 13:28 by Yoyo

    I am! :O
    Does that mean I get to act all crotchety and get mad at people who are on my lawn?
    Like TFK? :D

    Post on Tue Oct 06 2009, 18:17 by KarateKeyaQ

    Bano! Bano!
    These directions are much too hard. Try dumbing (my spell check says this isn't a word? o_O) them down for me?

    Post on Tue Oct 06 2009, 19:35 by Meika-Chan

    Just for the record, I'm sorry that there aren't many [coughatallcough] new missions. x.x I'm just so overly busted with things to do that I have no time at all. I'll try to put some up later today, if I can manage to get more than two seconds to myself.

    *is totally exausted*

    Post on Tue Oct 06 2009, 20:42 by Darkflame

    i've been recruiting

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