Opinion #4


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    Opinion #4

    Post by amaterasu

    So apparently pressing shift+enter changes the text box when your cursor is in the title bar. And apparently I can only listen to kids music right now, because it doesn't completely flood my mind.

    Death the kid :degraded: Bloodied up

    these three emoticons explain my opinions right now. or my feelings, or my opinion of my feelings.

    I think that fall sucks, besides it being awesome for hockey season, it gets cold, not really cold, that is okay, but it is just cold enough for the window not to be open, but not cold enough to keep it closed.

    Plus the leaves fall, and that is depressing.

    what else?

    I think the United States is holding a double standard to protesting rights, it seems that every protest is an illegal assembly.
    Darn riot cops throwing tear gas into innocent bystanders,

    Also, lets see, half life look like a good game, but is messed up, and so is Black Mesa

    but I don't think I will buy it.

    I also have a Texas hat, which is odd in my opinion, because I don't think I have any family who has ever been there or who live there, unless my grand father has been there before
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    Post on Sun Sep 27 2009, 14:00 by quater

    I already told you in the other thread those protesters were causing danger. But, I'm not for the beating of protesters, but do you remember who is President now? President Obama. Protesting under President Bush was, as Hilary Clinton put it, "The highest form of patriotism." But now that President Obama is in office you can't protest because you have to be absolutely head over heels with life now. That is the law. What are you talking about double standard? There is no double standard. You protest Republicans and you love the Democrats. Anything contrary is against that standard. That is how it is.

    But, in President Obama's defense, the G-20 protesters are just a bunch of: A) Crazy animal rights activists, the type that tape people to sidewalks and cause them to roast alive B) Crazy environmentalists that chain themselves to trees C) Crazy war activists that throw mud at our soldiers on their way home from Iraq and D) Crazy civil rights activists who believe the White Man created AIDS to kill Africans.

    So, even though it is wrong of him to beat them, these people are also doing stupid stuff that is getting them attention. And they're the most insane of insane people.

    What can ya do?

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