A WOTN Recap: From Hobby to Now


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    A WOTN Recap: From Hobby to Now

    Post by amaterasu on Mon Sep 21 2009, 20:21

    That is right, I thought of this today, and I think I will try it out, it is this:

    I am going to write out the journey from my perspective my own personal journey throughout WOTN and how it has actually changed my life (I kid not)

    So I will try to post up some of it soon, using Word, and pasting

    So here is a Prologue from on the dot (no previous version was made)....

    It was a summer like any other, hot days and cool nights, besides the summer hockey and working out, there wasn't much to do as a 14 year old, besides watch anime and play video games, as well as play with friends, but since most of my friends surrounding me were off to jobs and stuff, they are older than myself, I was left alone considerably, and since I live too far to walk or bike to any of my friends in town, it was me and the anime/manga.

    It was evening, the sun had made the sky orange and yellow, and I had just finished watching some naruto episodes, from the Chuunin exams. And as well watching urban ninja videos on youtube. For some reason, God given or by chance, the words way of the ninja had entered my mind and I could not get them out. So being the person i am, I typed those words in on google, having one goal in mind, finding a good naruto site. I have tried others before, but they were too big and too confusing, I wanted a site where I could post with people, discuss theories, and participate in some amateur role playing. When I found this site, wayoftheninja.org I stumbled into a site that accomplished everything i was hoping for and delivered much much more

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