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    Post by quater

    Alright, I am going to put up some of President Obama's recent statements and policies or policy/statements of people representing top officials. Tell me which of these makes The United States of America and the world a safer place to live in.

    "I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur," - President Obama. This statement was referring to wiping Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan. A place, by the way, that he on the campaign had been saying was more important than Iraq.

    Carter's ex-Security advisor and campaigner for President Obama is calling on President Obama to shoot down Israel planes if they fly over our airspace. For those of you not in the know, Israel is one of our best Allies in the middle east. And, the only reason Israel would fly over Iraqi airspace, is because they would be headed to Iran to strike at Iranian Nuclear threat sites. And they would do this after confirming that these are threat sites. So basically, top Democrat leaders are calling on President Obama to have shot down any Israel Airplanes that will nullify the threat of Nuclear Missile sites. That's showing em! Those nasty Israelis trying to protect themselves from Nuclear missiles.

    I know, you might be thinkings, "But isn't Israel acting rash to assume that they have nuclear capabilities they'd use on Israel?"

    No, as General Ataollah of Iran has said he would destroy Israel in 11 days if it came to it. No word on what President Obama thinks of that.

    The same Israel that President Obama thinks should give up even more land to the Palestinians. Apparently, even though they've given up large portions, Israel is still in the wrong. Also, Israel really needs to stop attacking back at Hamas Terrorists when they launch attacks on Israel. Darned Israel! Will it never cease to defend itself? If they took a lesson from our President they would pretty quickly.

    Or how about President Obama's call to stop Kim Jong Ill from releasing Missile after Missile? Missile sites, by the way, were stopped and Nuclear facilities closed down under Former President Bush are suddenly all coming back on. But I'm sure President Obama's call to stop them will stop them dead in their tracks; like the UN's harshly worded letter did.

    Or President Obama's meeting with Rogue dictators: Chavez, the King of Saudia Arabia, and his call to meet with other dictators of similar beliefs if they'd just, 'sit down and talk,' no strings attached. But, when Prime Minister of Britain first came to the White House President Obama was 'too tired' to meet with him and instead sent him some DVD's. By the way, American DVD's don't work in Great Britain. (I believe)

    How about now that President Obama has cut down our Nuclear Arms? By the way, he's not cutting down our Nuclear arms so that other nations will cut down theirs. He's not made a deal with Russia or Iran to stop ours if they stop theirs. He's just cutting ours in hopes that his doing so, will, I suppose, make others want to? No deals, no negotiations, just did it. Apparently American arms are the ones that he expects to accidentally be launched on ourselves.

    Or about President Obama's recent cutting down of Poland's and Ukraine's (I think) bases that would protect them from Iranian Nuclear strikes. Russia, the friendly little country that invaded Georgia this time last year, was against those bases when President Bush put them there. But, since President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative now is up and running (President Reagan said when he announced it'd take about 20 years, and it did) we could potentially save thousands and even millions of lives world wide from a Nuclear strike. But now President Obama has decided to shut down bases where they would be needed to stop these strikes and cut spending on the technology that won the Cold War. Not due to their ineffectiveness, mind you. A man who has exploded the Deficit to heights never heard of, is cutting spending in only one spot. Defense.

    While he's cutting spending, he's sending more troops to Afghanistan, the place earlier we mentioned that he doesn't believe we can have victory in. Why doesn't he? Because victory gives him the idea of, "embarrassed" faces of Japanese who surrendered and he doesn't like that image. For those of you not in the know, Japanese in the beginning of World War 2 took a convoy of troops offering peace and hacked them to pieces and then threw their limbs around. Japanese also slaughtered millions of Chinese in their own Holocaust in the East Asia. And thanks to our 'embarrassing' them they have become one of the strongest countries on Earth and peaceful. But gosh darned if we embarrass terrorists!

    Which by the way, according to Nanci Pelosi and others in top official positions we can't call them that. They are Human made Natural Disasters. Or, they are insurgents. But they gosh darned aren't Islamic Terrorists or Islamic extremists. Sometimes they can be called Religious extremists. Mhm, because any other religion is involved? I hear tons of Catholics are exploding people in the Middle East nowadays. Also, we aren't in a War in Iraq, we're in an overseas contingency operation. Why? Because people in the Middle East dislike being associated with Terror. Hey, here's an idea, call out those of you who are supporting terrorists. Instead of getting angry at America and attacking us with acts of terrorism (Which was what President Obama was worried would happen if he said the word terrorist) how about yelling at your own believers who are blowing people up, hm? It might make your cause for being recognized as peaceful a bit more understood. When the South had a problem with Racism, we didn't solve it by ignoring the word racist in worry that they'd attack black people, did we? We ostracized and attacked and humiliated those who still believed in racist tendencies till they gave in. That's how terrorists should be dealt with; not treated so they aren't offended!

    But that's okay! Because its not like when people in Congress and President Obama suggested that Anti-Healthcare rally members were: Nazi's, Bed wetters, assassins, mobsters, violent KKK clansmen, racists, militiamen, and segregationists they weren't trying to offend them, either. Simple average everyday Americans were called these names for disagreeing with President Obama. These people, by the by, had been involved in violence. On the receiving side. One man was hit, one was stabbed in the gut, and many others were shoved or pushed aside from Townhall meetings in August by Union workers. In case you didn't know, Townhall meetings are supposed to be where Congressman talk to everyday people, not beat the crap out of them.

    Or how about President Obama's website that was up for a few days where people who were 'spreading misinformation' were supposed to be emailed to this website and reported on by 'valiant citizens.' What was President Obama and the White House Staff going to do with that website and the names there? Why were they reporting on these people? I don't know. But, I guess President Obama is just that serious about protecting the spread of truth. That's why he's having lawyers and CIA officials sent to prison, right? Wait, huh?

    That's right. People who 'tortured' aka interrogated terrorists with such evil tactics as 'caterpillaring' and blowing smoke in their face are being taken to Washington to await delegations on the proper punishment. Lawyers from President Bush's staff and officials who allowed interrogations to take place are also facing punishment. And President Obama has said in the past he is not against the idea of having President Bush put in jail. Having a previous leader of the Free World put in jail for having a different approach to the interrogating of Prisoners? Which, by the way, we're not torturous and did no permanent harm to the suspected radicals. It has also been reported by President Obama's own staff that almost all the information we know about Al Qaeda was gained through these interrogations and has saved thousands of lives and soldier's lives. On top of that, future CIA officials and men will be much less aggressive in their wish to find information that could save American lives.

    By the way, President Obama refused to call terrorists terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11. He didn't go to New York, either. He went to New York a week later, though, to commemorate the fall of Leighman brothers (Which signified the beginning of our Economic crisis, which he wants TO COMMEMORATE). But on the day of 9/11 instead of remembering America's strength, he told us to go serve our community. Community organizing, political activism go hand in hand, folks. This, coupled with the fact that President Obama worked for William Ayers, went to Jeremiah Wright's Church, had recent communist and believer that all houses and roads should be painted white Van Jones, and Rahm Emanuel, and the list of crazies truly goes on forever friends of his. That, all love America so much that, to quote William Ayers after bombing a police station, "Guilty as Hell, free as a bird, what a country."

    And all this while he 'shuts down' Guantanamo, supposedly. No countries are really taking the Guantanamo prisoners, either. Why's that? Because they don't want dangerous terrorists on their soils. Hm, I wonder if that says anything? No matter, President Obama wants them in US prisons so they can mingle with our criminals. There was even talk of holing some in hotels! Hotels for terrorists? That makes sense. While 1 in every 7 terrorist that goes to Guantanamo shows back up on the battlefield we should accommodate them when we have hold of them. And, President Obama also has made it mandatory that any terrorists captured in the battlefield must have their Miranda rights read to them. Few problems with that. For starters, Miranda rights regard US citizens rights, not terrorists. Plus, they are not on US soil in most cases and when they are its dang dangerous at that point! And finally, its a battlefield. While they're busy capturing the terrorist they don't have time for that kind of idiocy. But, its okay because the Supreme Court last year allows Guantanamo and other terrorist prisoners to have access to free of charge court lawyers. Woot, so now they have Miranda rights and the rights to a lawyer that by the way, you and I are paying for. You know that's more than they would get back in their home country. I doubt anyone who disagrees with the Supreme Leader in Iran gets rights to a lawyer. Or under Saddam, or under Osama.

    So, which of these policies makes us safer? Feeling good now? The world's a better place, yes?
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    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:05 by Mikel

    wow. you really dislike president obama, hm?

    can't say i really understood everything since i'm pretty unfamiliar with american politics but i get the gist of it, i believe.

    with what you've said, haha, yep, definitely, the world's a better place. :P

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:06 by quater

    I hope that's sarcasm, but I think it is, Mikel. I sometimes can't tell what is and isn't sarcasm because you have no idea how many people would say what you said there at the end with a dead serious face.

    I have no personal feelings for President Obama, Mikel. I just sincerely disagree with his policies. I think they're dangerous, and I know he knows they are. So I can't see why he'd want to do them. Except that he doesn't care. I dislike him as a President, but as a guy he seems nice.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:10 by Mikel

    that was a sarcastic remark, q, don't worry.

    ah, that's what i meant, sorry. ^^;; but it seems so, based on what you've written, his decisions are quite dangerous.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:12 by quater

    Just checking ^_^;; I was like, "He can't be serious. But, some people would read all that and are serious...better double check."

    That's why I dislike them! And this is just foreign policy...this doesn't even begin to go into domestic and economic.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:13 by Banouin


    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:14 by quater

    *Bonks* Silly Yamakage.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:16 by Mikel

    really? wow. never would've thought of it. ^^;;

    it's like you're in the middle of a fight and stopping midway just like that. sort of like suicidal, in a sense. ^^;; i can't imagine then.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:18 by quater

    You wouldn't think it, but its true. After all, people are going along with all these policies, so they must believe they are good.

    Exactly what it is, Mikel.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:21 by amaterasu

    Wow, i didn't know most of this stuff

    well I never liked Obama

    and he seems to be running your country into the ground

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:23 by Banouin

    I would say "No one has liked Obama" But then, he did win. Fucking stupid ass people.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:26 by Mikel

    -__-;; wow. do those people they stop to analyze his actions?

    *shakes head*

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:27 by quater

    The media certainly doesn't, so no they do not, Mikel. Obviously they don't, since I doubt any of you has heard about 90% of this which I have researched and read about.

    I'd argue he is, Ama. And this is with us resisting him. I'd hate to see what he'd do if we weren't.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:31 by Mikel

    ah, media is downplaying obama's decisions, hm? definitely, if some americans don't know that, all the more for us who aren't.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:35 by quater

    Yepyep. I'd say almost no Americans could put together a third of what I just put together for you. Out of sheer memory and a few quick look ups.

    Wow, this got a lot more attention that I thought. Thanks guys. Truthfully I've said stuff like this before, and gotten almost no attention. I was expecting the same here. So thanks! Its encouraging to know I'm not the only one who will read a long blog like that.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:39 by SickSelfishSyQo

    I like the way you write ^^

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:40 by Mikel

    amazing, q. ^^ you're really into politics, it's your forte.

    np. it's pretty interesting, you know.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:41 by quater

    Few people think its interesting, Mikel. Well, at least not enough to read it. So I am really quite happy others read this. ^_^

    I am into politics. I love it. Its the interplay of conflicts. To quote Aristotle, "Its the most important science men should follow."

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:45 by Mikel

    it is quite long, but hey, interesting, nonetheless. ^^;; but yeah, i could name a lot who's not interested in politics. ^^

    figures. that's cool. ^^ it does involve everyone.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:46 by quater

    Well, thanks Mikel! If you have opinions like this, you should post them up, too.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:50 by Mikel

    politics isn't my forte, sadly. i'm just aware, but that's really all it. besides, i'm more into my country's politics, and pretty much unfamiliar with yours.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:50 by quater

    Oh, that's understandable, yes.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:54 by Mikel

    yeah, sorry, i'll have to pass on that. ^^

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:55 by quater

    I gotcha. Well, first blog of the day was successful. The second is about WOTN~ Have to do it later.

    Post on Mon Sep 21 2009, 15:58 by Mikel

    good luck

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