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    Post by quater

    In my rained on rant blog, I believe I mentioned that there was a walk way through some woods from my campus to my car. So, one day I was walking easy peasy from my car back to class for a math test! Oh the joy. I was actually amazingly proud of myself. I did most of my math homework! I felt like a super hero! And I was tossing my new cell phone from one hand to the other. I don't know why I do that. Either swinging my car keys on my keychain in a swirly swirl motion or tossing my cell phone. I always do it. I was walking on the little sidewalk, dirt on both sides and lots of tree branches on the ground. I noticed two especially dark branches were coming up when whoops!

    My cell phone was falling towards the ground it had slipped. I just caught it, though. Like, my hand was by my shin but I saved it! I was proud. But suddenly my cell phone was no longer my number one concern. As I looked over to my left there was a big, orange snake. I flinched back a little, but I wasn't like yelling in fear. It was laid out perfectly straight as an arrow. It wasn't moving, either. His head was staring straight ahead at the Sidewalk. I found this a very odd sight.

    So I did two smart things College students do. First, I stepped back and pulled out my phone and took a pic of it. But, sadly the cell phone pic came out atrociously so there was no point in showing it to you. After that I watched it. It didn't move. It was frozen. I started thinking to myself this was a gag. It was too straight and looking at cement. So I did the next smart thing. I pulled out a pen and threw it at it. I figured, if it was alive it'd do something. And it didn't. Psh! Faker snake. It wasn't alive. But, just in case I didn't pick up the pen and started to walk away. Then I realized, "Hey! I am not letting this fake snake trick me, I am getting my pen back."

    So I turned around to go get my pen but the spot where the snake had been was empty and just to my right I could see the snake's tail slithering back into some bushes.

    Yikes! It was real! Spooky. Had I gone for my pen originally it could a bit me. Or if I hadn't caught my cell phone my hand would of followed it and I would of grabbed it right next to the snake and it'd of bit me then, too! Spoookay~ I mean, it wasn't poisonous but it probably wasn't friendly.

    And how often does a snake get hit with a pen and not move. At ALL? I've seen snakes and usually they move a lot when someone is nearby. I wasn't scared of it, though. Throughout the whole thing I wasn't scared one bit. Even when I first saw it I flinched back but I wasn't scared it'd bite me I was just surprised. But I thought it was a cool sight and made my day. And no one else was on that trail the entire time I was there so it was like me and Nature had a one on one. ^_^
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    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 19:02 by amaterasu

    Seems like you had some protection there

    or really good luck

    You should post up the picture anywas

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 19:04 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Snakes? O:
    I was sure I saw one when I was in Florida.. we don't have to deal with them here though :P

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 19:04 by quater

    It really wasn't viewable.

    That's cool, Clair! Yes, snakes!

    Post on Sun Sep 13 2009, 21:57 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    woah thats pretty cool Q, lucky u didn't reach for ur pen.

    Post on Mon Sep 14 2009, 01:05 by SickSelfishSyQo

    I have yet to see an orange one down here, but there seems to be a whole bunch of black ones ^^

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