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    Jazz Mitoko

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    Have you ever wondered?

    Post by Jazz Mitoko on Fri Sep 11 2009, 20:47

    Hey!! So this is a Shikamaru one shot !!!!!!! OH YEAH!!! So... anyways disclaimer!!! I don't own Naruto or any of the characters beside Yuki who is my original character. Hope you guys like it Happy

    Clouds.Thats what we were currently looking at clouds,if you thought about it there was a lot more to them. How did they get they're shape?Did they have a say in what they wanted to look like? Do they have any emotions?Those were the thought that ran thru my head as I stared up at the pure white clouds above us,a light snore was heard beside me. I looked away from the clouds and looked a sleeping Shikamaru.

    "Shika."I whispered and lightly poked his cheek.I laughed when he groaned and rolled over,Shikamaru fell back into his light sleep.I sat up and looked up at the sky, more questions popped up in my head.

    "Shika.."I said louder then before,Shikamaru groaned again.I sighed and thought up of a great idea.


    "Naruto."He muttered,I started to laugh causing him to give me a confused look.

    "Naruto never said he'd do that Shika,I just needed to ask you something."I said after I controlled my laughter.Shimakmaru muttered something about me being troublesome,but none the less he waited for me to ask him what I need to ask him.

    "Have you ever wondered how the clouds feel,I mean they can't all possibly like floating endlessly in the sky." I said,Shikamaru gave me a disbelieved look.

    "You woke me up for that?"He asked,I nodded. Shikamaru laid back down on the grass and started to fall asleep again.

    "SHIKA!!!"I cried,he groaned.

    "Yuki let me sleep! You troublesome woman."He said,I rolled my eyes,I was way to use to him calling me that,and poked his stomach. Shikamaru grabbed my hand and then looked at me.

    "I don't know how they feel Yuki." He said,I shook my head but decided to leave him alone. I stared back up at the sky and then for some reason something Asuma had said to me months before his death.

    [b]"Yuki do you really think that Shikamru's that clueless?"Asuma asked me after training one day.I looked up at him clearly confused about what he was talking about,Asuma laughed at my expression.

    "Yuki,you know that you have feelings for Shikamaru and as lazy as he is he knows it too." I sat up and blushed a little,I thought that I was covering it up well,guess I was wrong.

    "So what do I do?" I asked,Asuma lightly chuckled and took in a huff of his cigar.

    "Tell him how you feel."He said,and then walked away from the training field.

    Maybe Asuma was right,maybe I should just tell Shikamaru how I felt about how I felt about him.I looked over at the sleeping Nara and decided to tell him,now all I had to do was hold onto this surge of confidence.

    I watched the clouds lazily float by and waited fro Shikamaru to wake up.I heard him yawn as he woke up from his 'nap', I sat up and looked at him,it was now or never.

    "Shika.. can I tell you something?" Shikamaru looked at me and nodded,he was probably happy that I had let him finish his so called 'nap'.i took in a deep breath and fought away the nerves.

    "I-I li-"I was cut off by someone calling out his name.

    "SHIKAMARU!!" Temari yelled from the staircase near the hill we were sitting on, Temari jumped over the railings and ran up to Shikamaru. She hugged him and then did something that broke my heart right then and there,she kissed him.

    "Temari."Shikamaru said after she broke away from the kiss,I got up and started to walk away but stopped when I heard Shikamaru call my name.

    "Yuki yous said you had to tell me something?" He asked curiosity clear in his tone,I bite my lip and forced myself to calm down no matter how much I felt like crying right them and there.

    "Oh I just wanted to say that I like cloud watching with you Shika,uh I gotta go I promised Kiba I'd do something with him...later."I said with a fake smile, Shika nodded and then turned back to Teamri. I walked halfway down the stairs and the n stopped to look up at the sky.

    "Have you ever wondered?" I muttered to myself and then continued to go down the stairs as a tear ran down my cheek.

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    The first Alice was a courageous red one
    With a Sword in one hand through Wonderland
    She cut down, many things that stood in her way
    Making a path that was a trail of blood
    The alice walked deep into the woods and then she was trapped
    A prisoned sinner
    There was no way of knowing she was there
    Except the red path that followed behind her

    The second Alice was a calm, blue one
    Singing a song that filled wonderland
    The false notes which he sang till the end
    Created a crazy world in wonderland
    That Alice was born of a Flower
    Was then shot by a cross-eyed man
    Out from the wound then bloomed a flower
    Everyone that had loved him, soon began to die

    The third Alice was an innocent green one
    A beautiful figure there in wonderland
    She had fooled many people to do her bid
    A strange country was then created up
    The Alice was the queen of the country
    Possessed by a dream of distortion
    Afraid of losing her life to death
    Ruling the country of hers forever

    Walking down a red path in the forest
    Under the blue rose trees, the two had tea time
    An invitation to them from the castle was
    The playing card of hearts

    The fourth Alice was a pair of children twins
    They were curious througout the wonderland
    They traveled through the doors to see all kinds of things
    From there wandering that they had just arrived
    A stubborn big sister, and smart little brother

    They were nearing the first alice's wonderland
    The two were to never to wake from their dream
    The twins then wandered through wonderland endlessly!

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    Re: Have you ever wondered?

    Post by D-Dei on Mon Oct 05 2009, 16:15

    o____o;; aww..

    By the way, I noticed that it was put up on 9/11 ^_^;;;;

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    Re: Have you ever wondered?

    Post by KarateKeyaQ on Sat Oct 10 2009, 12:11

    Shikamaru! <3

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    Re: Have you ever wondered?

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