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    Naruto Blog

    Post by quater

    Okay. So I was driving home thinking about Anime and stuff. You see, last night I was making an avatar for Mikel. I used a lot of the old school Kakashi scenes. The stuff when he was gangstah gangstah and when Naruto was funny as well as inept. He's still inept, but it seems like he's gotten worse.

    Then I realized something. When was the last time Naruto even talked about becoming the next Hokage? Does he even remember that was his dream? I remember back in the day when you could barely get a word in edgewise he was so busy wanting to become Hokage. And you know what? I miss it. That was something important and great to the series, I think. It was his objective that we watched! The Chuunin Exams, were a great part of the series because he was constantly testing his dream to become Hokage against others who had similar goals, or mocked him for his.

    Now its Naruto: Shippuden - The Sasuke Chronicles. And I know, everyone complains about Sasuke in their own way. But I am not against Sasuke. His villainous style is exciting and adds quite a bit of conflict and interesting fighting to the series. But that's because Sasuke got over Naruto! He not only got over Naruto, he got over his own brotherly hate and his brother dying! Now he just wants to take over the world or something like that. Or is it destroy Konoha? Like, hasn't everyone already tried that? Didn't Pein succeed? I can't really tell anymore.

    But has Naruto gotten over Sasuke? Sasuke, the guy who attacked Naruto on a daily basis. Made him look stupid. Made fun of him. Just about killed him with a Chidori blast. Yeah, that great friend of his. The one Naruto knew for like a year and has spent 3 years trying to save? Bro! Go back to your original goal! To become HOKAGE. That was what you were originally all about. Becoming the Hokage of Konoha. No more of this chasing Sasuke junk. No more proving everyone that you are a complete idiot when they try and talk you out of chasing Sasuke and you completely ignore them. Just go back to trying to become Hokage!

    And learn some new moves! Yes, Sage mode is cool. It only took him all of Shippuden to learn something cool! What about those 3 years he spent with Jiraiya? All he learned was that the 9 tails still controls him. Boring! The readers already knew that! And is it just me or has he only recently recovered his fighting ability? For almost all of Shippuden he was a worse ninja than he was when he fought Neji in the Chuunin Exam. He actually went backwards. How pathetic.

    Of course Naruto isn't the only one who needs to learn a new move. Getsuga Tenchou, again, Ichigo? As the Hollow Ichigo clearly pointed out, that's not even Ichigo's move. Its a move he stole from the Hollow. He has NO moves. Sad.

    But at least Ichigo is trying to save his friends from actual threats. And Ichigo didn't talk Grimmjow to death! He actually fought him. Seriously, maybe the reason the Ninja world has so much hate in it and pain and so many wars and all that other worthless trash is because they talked each other to death!

    Hopefully, hopefully, Sakura talks Naruto into giving up on Sasuke, and we can once and for all end all this talking garbage. Maybe Naruto will even go back to wanting to be a Hokage? Maybe he will learn some new moves to help him reach this aspiration? Maybe then he'll be strong and when he does run into Sasuke again, he won't be a pushover?

    Hey, a guy can dream. Oh, and I so called Danzo and Root being the next villainous secret society in Naruto. ^_^ If only Kabuto would make his rise to power this series could really turn around. Oh, and Shino, Neji, Kiba, Rock Lee, and Kankouro getting some more fighting time would be nice, too. You know, instead of Shikamaru all the time....
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    Post on Tue Sep 08 2009, 13:21 by Mikel

    haha, i agree. back then, it's like naruto's always saying he dreams to be the hokage to every person he meets.

    and yep, i've always wondered why the hell he doesn't learn other techniques. ^^;; he's been training for a few years and he learns... what again?

    -__-;; just let them fight already. haha.

    Post on Tue Sep 08 2009, 13:22 by quater

    Yay! Mikel gets what I'm saying. I just miss the original Naruto~ The one who was funny and a go getter. Not annoying and whiny.

    Post on Tue Sep 08 2009, 13:27 by Mikel

    yeah. teenage angst got to naruto.

    Post on Tue Sep 08 2009, 20:01 by amaterasu

    I agree with Q's blog

    Neji has become a beast in the series

    but where is he?

    who knows, he is too good for it apparently

    Post on Wed Sep 09 2009, 20:01 by sabaku no ketsueki

    Shikamaru FTW, yo!

    Maybe Naruto gave up on being Hokage becausse there really isn't a Konoha left to rule? What with it being destroyed and all?

    Sasuke wanted to destroy Konoha because he suddenly decided he liked his brother. A little too late. But then Tobi taps him on the shoulder and says, "Yeah, someone already did that." So Sasuke's only real goal seems to be beating up random side characters and not getting raped by Karin.

    But I agree, Naruto knows about 3 moves. I mean, if he can learn Shadow Clone in like, 2 hours, why can't he learn a bunch of other stuff?

    Post on Wed Sep 09 2009, 20:13 by quater

    He hasn't mentioned becoming Hokage since Shippuden began, really Saba. So this root was far before the "destruction" of Konoha.

    At least you agreed with me on that. ^_^

    You'd think the "Hurricane Wind Chronicles" would have him learning some really cool moves. Instead of, "Rasengan 2.0" or whatever that is.

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