Mental groan, I know.


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    Mental groan, I know.

    Post by KarateKeyaQ

    Yes. Yes. This is such an overused, stereotypically topic that no one really likes to get in to but I just want to voice my opinions(Power of the blog!)


    What is up with it?
    Is it just me or is society embracing it? I mean, the main thing comedians(black, mostly) talk about is how a black person doesn't get this opportunity or is more adept in certain situations because of their color or the infamous "black people always die first in movies."
    Dude. I'm so SICK of it.
    I'm sick of people blaming things on their race. Like really, taking credit for what a few brave African Americans did in their youth to hold some sort of guilt over everyone's head. Bejeezus. I'm tired of hearing the same freaking thing.
    && It's not just blacks. It's whites, Asians, bliggity blah. (Brain fart)
    It's not that I mind comedians talking about it because okay, some of them are pretty funny but OVER and OVER again?
    It's always the the same cliched statements;
    All black people like fried chicken.
    Caucasians talk like uppity British people?
    Koreans know Kung fu.
    Mexicans "party hard".

    And I'm not trying to deliberately insult anyone(if I somehow did). Just ranting and raving(wrong blog space?)

    You know...Ironically, the minorities are the main ones being racist(or trying to be funny about it). The very same ones who blame all their problems on the "white man."

    Sorry. Yep. Just saying.
    I just can't stand some people's morals.
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    Post on Mon Sep 07 2009, 14:50 by quater

    I agree with you, KKQ. It seems like everyone is always pushing the race card. We have an African American black president and still people are out their caterwauling that America today is more racist than ever before. Its like really, shut up.

    I feel like all these people who are always pushing around racist stereotypes who say they are doing it to help are really just doing it to divide America. If Americans don't think of themselves as Americans but instead as African Americans and Hispanic Americans or Asian Americans then they will not be unified under the freedoms of America and eventually it'll incur higher conflicts between each group.

    Because at the end of the day we really are just Americans. So what's the big deal?

    And there's no problem in talking about things like, "Helping the African American community," but if we're going to talk about these things, and be politically correct and non offensive, and if anyone says what's really wrong they're immediately called a racist, then we should just throw all talk about race out the window and unify under the name of America. And if not, we should be allowed rational discussions on the issues without being called racists, but realists. But this middle ground we're in now isn't helping anyone.

    Post on Mon Sep 07 2009, 16:23 by KarateKeyaQ

    I am so glad someone else feels the same way T_T I watched Dave Chappelle(w/e the heck his name is) and it sent me over the edge.

    I think it would be better if we all thought of ourselves as just Americans.

    Or we paint everyone blue and be smurfs. It's sad to think but the world would be more peaceful with just one standard color.

    Post on Mon Sep 07 2009, 16:30 by amaterasu

    I would say something

    but since I don't really see anything like that, because I am almost completely shut off from the media these days, I don't know what's going down

    but I don't like racism, it is stupid, and politically correctness is stupid

    Post on Mon Sep 07 2009, 16:31 by quater

    Yes, it would probably be more peaceful.

    But if we all thought of ourselves as Americans, I think we'd be much better off. We all have unique histories and important characteristics, that we use to make us stronger.

    And yes, I think this way too, KKQ.

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