Arcade: Are you looking for some easy ryo!? Your in luck!


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    Arcade: Are you looking for some easy ryo!? Your in luck!

    Post by Banouin

    Ok my WotN peeps. Bano is handing out easy to get Ryo. All you have to do is come work for me in the Arcade. The better job you do, the more you get ^_^

    There are a few jobs.

    Game finders - 200 Ryo. Its an easy job. All you have to do is find a game and show it to me. Job done, even if we don't use it.

    Game testers - 250 Ryo. Even better job. You test the game, tell me what you think. If you liked it and it seems fun. I will give it the time to test myself. *I'm doing this cuz I don't have free time. I need people to do this to weed out the bad games*

    Game hosters - Once a week you will host a game that others can come in and join to play. 300 Ryo.

    Tournament hosters - The same as a game hoster but with a tournment. 400 Ryo

    As of right now. I am looking for

    One game finder *CLOSED* ^_^
    Two game testers. *CLOSED* ^_^
    One game hoster *CLOSED* ^_^
    One tournament hosters. *CLOSED*

    For more info, plz Pm me.

    New jobs can and will open up.

    Update, if you would like a job. Pm me still. More jobs open up and I will work it out.

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    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 20:21 by jake989

    How do you host a tourny? Or just a game for that matter?

    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 20:23 by Banouin

    Pm me, I will tell you more about it, if you want the job ^_^

    Post on Fri Sep 04 2009, 00:30 by Yoyo

    Woah! They're all full! :O

    Post on Mon Sep 07 2009, 20:54 by Kibasfan-girl345

    aw man I would like the job of game testing -_-; oh well

    Post on Sat Sep 12 2009, 03:15 by KarateKeyaQ got them all? o_O

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