1st day Senior Yr


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    1st day Senior Yr

    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    Today was really fun at skool which i didn't expect~
    In like every class there's a girl with my name this yr wow jeez.

    -Chem first per. was alright, that teacher seems cool & nice..kinda looks like he'll be tough teacher...there was like only 10 people in the class too which was supah small!
    hahah he's asian soo made me laugh in a way XP haha since i got thing for asian dudes~
    -Took me forever to find my freakin english class, was behind a bunch of the other classrooms lol its a good thing we could arrive late to classes today XP But wow freakin sooo many ppl crammed into the classroom. Going to be a roudy bunch in 2nd per from what i can tell. Made us do a one page bio on ourselves which was pretty boring as he told us about himself and all*like all the teachers do*
    No A/C in the class omg started getting rly freakin hot in there...fuck hope its not like that all yr -_-
    -Photo was whatever...kinda boring..did partner work & were the first one's done in the class & got extra credit XD seems like i was the only senior in the class. teacher seems like she has some attitude...and is kinda annoying.
    -Gov was awesome!!! the teacher is rly funny and soo cool! He rly got us thinking and stuff.lol spent the whole time talking about republicans & democrats & getting the point across that he wants "To get us to think & share our opinions" which one's were the richest..and history of democrats & republicans was interesting. Also had convo on gay marriage and that was quite interesting...involving the republicans & democrats into the mix.
    oooohs and the whole time we were trying to figure out if our teacher was democrat or republican~ Talked a lot in that class & laughed a whole bunch. Sooo going to enjoy Mr.Thompson. Also was like one of the teachers to say what political party he's in.*Republican* Also figured out why our district made us take Gov for a yr instead of having it for a semester like other Cali skools. Everyone has manipulative parents haha was also brought into the convo XP
    -Discover foods had a bunch of ppl in the class too. the teacher is ok..and whhhaaattt you have to study in this class??? aww man...haha but we'll still get to cook but not for like couple of weeks. teacher is kinda weird..

    Then i left at lunch to go take senior pics~ soo was a pretty interesting day~ Looking forward to Gov tommorow!
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    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:53 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Sounds like you had an alright first day ^_^

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:55 by quater

    Government class is pretty easy. Glad your first day was nice.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:05 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    yeah i had a pretty good first day.^^ @ clair
    mhmm Gov looks rly fun^^ i think that'll be the class that'll be my fav this yr^^ @ Q.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:14 by amaterasu

    yeah, when i took a cooking class, we had to study and do paper tests and stuff
    everything but the cooking was boring

    but awesome for the government class, I can't wait for law this year

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:17 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    ah i see..ah well.

    rly interested in learning more on Gov this yr^^, thats cool law^^

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:19 by amaterasu

    yeah, plus the law teacher is one of the coolest and I think most persuasive people on earth (its like a super power of his)

    he took his class to the Soviet Union during the Cold war, among other feets

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:21 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    woah hahah cool^^

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:22 by theBOSS.

    Crap, no AC?
    I feel for you.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:25 by amaterasu


    I don't know if we have any of that in our school

    it would be too cold up here

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:25 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    hahaha and there's cute asians in my chem class too~~
    they're the asian jerkers at my skool XD

    yeah either that or it just rly sucks. rly hope the A/C gets better...with all this fire weather we're having

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 23:44 by KarateKeyaQ

    Yay! Nice first day!

    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 00:11 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    haha yeah it went pretty well.^^

    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 00:38 by SickSelfishSyQo

    amaterasu wrote:AC?

    I don't know if we have any of that in our school

    it would be too cold up here

    AC = air conditioner.

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