First day of school...


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    The first Alice was a courageous red one
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    Making a path that was a trail of blood
    The alice walked deep into the woods and then she was trapped
    A prisoned sinner
    There was no way of knowing she was there
    Except the red path that followed behind her

    The second Alice was a calm, blue one
    Singing a song that filled wonderland
    The false notes which he sang till the end
    Created a crazy world in wonderland
    That Alice was born of a Flower
    Was then shot by a cross-eyed man
    Out from the wound then bloomed a flower
    Everyone that had loved him, soon began to die

    The third Alice was an innocent green one
    A beautiful figure there in wonderland
    She had fooled many people to do her bid
    A strange country was then created up
    The Alice was the queen of the country
    Possessed by a dream of distortion
    Afraid of losing her life to death
    Ruling the country of hers forever

    Walking down a red path in the forest
    Under the blue rose trees, the two had tea time
    An invitation to them from the castle was
    The playing card of hearts

    The fourth Alice was a pair of children twins
    They were curious througout the wonderland
    They traveled through the doors to see all kinds of things
    From there wandering that they had just arrived
    A stubborn big sister, and smart little brother

    They were nearing the first alice's wonderland
    The two were to never to wake from their dream
    The twins then wandered through wonderland endlessly!

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    First day of school...

    Post by D-Dei

    It sucked.

    First of all, the bus never came in the morning.
    So Death and I were freezing our asian butts off (well, she had a sweater -_-)
    But this freshman gave us a ride to school, so that was aiight.

    Then I get to school and they have the ac on -__-;;

    So I go to my first period, engineering. The teacher was quite boring.
    Talking about shocking ourselves if we're not careful.

    And lunch was fine! (Besides the food, of course) After eating, I went on a little "date" with Chunga ;DD.
    Yeah, after ditching Death :D
    (And no, Q, I am not bi or les)

    AP CALC!
    Little pop quiz on the first day -_-

    Lot of shit to do -__-;;;
    And a lot of homework on the first day (dude, I didn't even finish my summer homework for that class)

    School sucks already.
    And since I never finished my summer homework, so I'll have to work on that today (along with the other homework from physics, chem, and english)

    And after school, we went to look for our bus home.
    But noooo.
    The bus to CP wouldn't take us home (at first), and the one to EC wouldn't either (because we weren't "on the list of stops").
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    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:10 by CrispinFreemanWatcher16

    wow that sucks...sounds like a cruddy day

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:19 by amaterasu

    it does

    sounds like the year started off on the wrong foot

    hopefully things get better for you guys and you get the bus situation sorted out

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:52 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Aw, thats sucky!

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 19:58 by quater

    I hope things improve for ya there, D-dei!

    Sure you're not bi. Evil Plan

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:00 by Always-Abby

    That sucks.
    Satan's home though. ;P

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:20 by theBOSS.

    I SO let you borrow my sweater for more periods than I wore it during the whole day.

    At least the CP guy was smart enough to drop us off at Broad Ave.
    The other guy would've just kicked us out at CP.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:36 by D-Dei

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    you had it for 1, 7, 8, 9...
    wait, yeah. I did (:

    And I totally am not, Q o_o;;

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:42 by theBOSS.

    And at least you can reach the top of your locker without having to tiptoe. >__>

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 20:47 by D-Dei


    Cabanilla: Are you going to take that abuse, -Death-?

    Yeeeaaah. (:
    You on the other hand..
    I'm actually glad i didn't get the gym lockers.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 23:48 by KarateKeyaQ

    Aw! D: Sucky day.

    Who's Bi? :DD

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