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    Post by Mikel

    because i'm feeling lazy to study.

    anime. haven't been watching much of it. don't have the time. jan's been telling me a few and she let me see one episode of what was that-- k-on, yeah. it was... amusing? well, anyway. i've read the latest chapter of naruto while in computer class because that's the only time i actually remember to. it's okay.

    i'm bored.
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    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 11:41 by theBOSS.

    You should smack the person next to do you.
    That always gets rid of boredom.

    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 13:23 by quater

    Or watch One Piece. ^_^

    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 20:38 by Mikel

    i would've death, if the person next to me right now isn't a girl. but she is.

    i haven't watched one piece yet. is it really that good, q?

    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 20:43 by quater

    My friend Mikel it is a 415 Episode series. Long, right? But its also the only series I've ever watched twice through. And would consider watching through again. What does that say? That despite its tremendous length is quite excellent.

    If you like fun action and are into comedy its a must see my man. And epic storylines. The early One Piece stuff isn't amazing but the latest stuff has been crazy. Plus the fights are just tremendous. No doubt One Piece is the only series I've seen that gets better as it goes.

    But don't take just my word for it.
    Ask Amaterasu, SickSelfishSycho, Yoyo, Banouin, or even Punk if you can find them.

    I've gotten all of them to watch it. I even got Charm to rewatch it and she admitted after she got past the first few episodes she'd been wrong and really liked the series.

    So yes. I think its really that good my man.

    *This advertizement paid for and brought to you by adrenaline*

    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 20:51 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Such an informative blog, Mikel :3

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 04:38 by Mikel

    *laughs* all right, q. i trust your word. i'll watch it. sounds cool anyway. ^^

    well, disease, i had nothing to say really.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 08:24 by GL

    heh, seems like im not the only one who doesnt watch anime so much anymore. (:
    i think its good that they finally are going to let naruto meet sasuke soon :P haha becasue the manga is starting to get really bad. and having naruto meeting sasuke, it will sure get better. ^^

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 09:11 by Mikel

    i never really did watch anime that much. jan only influenced me.
    hm? i'm not watching the anime. i read the manga because that's the only way to be updated since i have computer class where i never really pay attention to.

    well, sasuke is fighting the raikage right?

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 15:33 by GL

    oooh i see :P haha, i was a real anime freak at the beginning, but not anymore ^^;
    i dont watch it either, i stopped watching it when shippuuden came out. ^^; i just read the mangas too :P

    yes! :D i hope sasuke beats the crap out of him so naruto can come soon ;)

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 15:44 by quater

    The Manga is starting to get bad? I disagree. The Manga is finally getting interesting. About bloody time they killed Pein.


    Both plans are such fail! Naruto and Sasuke talking? He's talked enough.

    No no! What we need is what I suggested in Chaos Theories.

    Gaara Verse Sasuke fight. The rematch. Kazekage verse Sasuke Uchiha. That's the fight I hope the author does.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 15:49 by GL

    it was starting to get bad. (: now its a little more interesting ^^

    haha eww? xD whyy?
    no! :O i want sasuke to be narutos friend again. (:

    hm.. it sounds cool with a fight like that :P

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 15:59 by quater

    Okay, that I can agree with.

    What? How boring. I want Naruto to Kill Sasuke or Sasuke to Kill Naruto. But not them be friends again. Ewwies.

    ^__^ Told you, Gl!

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:09 by GL

    heh :P

    whaaat? :O noo... they are really cute together. they should be friends. :/

    haha okey, sasuke and fight gaara, then sasuke will fight naruto :P

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:11 by quater

    Sasuke is a monsterous killer who wants to destroy Leaf Village and Naruto lets himself get beat up daily for Sasuke's sake. There's nothing cute about that.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:25 by GL

    yeeees! naruto doesnt let go of sasuke, he still worries about him even if sasuke is crazy (:

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:41 by quater

    I think you're more into Yaoi then the story....

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:46 by GL

    yes, and im sorry about that ^^;; ... but the thought is cute. ^^

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:49 by quater

    Hey, if you admit to it then I am fine with it. Just making sure you were aware. ^_^

    I don't get how its cute...

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 16:53 by GL

    haha oki doki :P

    well thats becasue youre a guy *laughs*

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 17:07 by quater

    Oh? Erm, yeah.

    Well, if girls were doing it I still wouldn't find it cute.

    Post on Wed Sep 02 2009, 17:10 by Always-Abby

    I agree with GL!
    They should be friends!

    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 00:59 by GL

    heh :P

    hmm.. i guess its too normal to see girls care about each other a lot. (:

    yes! :D they should. :P

    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 07:38 by Mikel

    ...i don't see why it'd be cute. i personally just want to see them fight.

    Post on Thu Sep 03 2009, 08:14 by quater

    That's not it either, GLz....
    Same here, Mikel!

    We are a man's man is why! No more talk! More blood!

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