War Draft


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    War Draft

    Post by quater


    War RP Guidelines

    Original Idea by Quater

    Revision by Menchimonster


    Article I – War Layout/ Format

    Article II – Wartime Buildings

    Article III – Wartime Positions

    Article IV – Battling/ Fight Creation

    Article V – Battling/ Fight Process

    Article VI – Battling/ Fight Overview

    Article VII – Execution/ Offensive

    Article VIII – Execution/ Defensive

    Article IX – Execution/ Medical

    Article X – Execution/ Strategic

    Article XI – Execution/ Retreat

    Article XII – Post-War/ Territory Share

    Article XIII – Post-War/ Liberation

    Article I - War Layout/ Format-

    There will be several Forums opened up on Way of the Ninja (ie. Titled “War – Sand/ Mist vs. Shadow) directly corresponding to the number of Villages participating (ie. 3 Villages – 3 Forums), as to avoid clutter in the actual Village. Each Forum will contain several Sub-Forums that are as follows:

    East Gate- This is the gate area at the east end of the Village. Control over this outpost will allow entry into the “Central Area”.

    West Gate- This is the gate area at the west of the Village. Control over this outpost will also allow entry into the “Central Area”.

    Central Area- This area is located around the “Kage’s Castle” and provides entry to the “Kage’s Castle". Only after you have conquered one of the two gates can access to this area be unlocked.

    Civilian Bunker- This is an unimportant area simply for non-fighters to hide during the battle. Only your village members can see it.

    Kage’s Castle/ HQ- This is the prime area of a village and the place where all strategies take place. Control over this place ends the ability of this Village to fight. This section is unlocked once the opponent has conquered the Central Square. Otherwise it is hidden to enemies.

    Article II – Wartime Buildings-

    During the course of the war there will be various buildings that perform different functions. To control a building you must have a shinobi present there to fight if the forces try to reclaim it. (Only one 1 on 1 battle may take place in a building. Whoever achieves victory in that battle’s side has control over it.) If a side captures a building, he may lend it over to another Village but that Village must have a Shinobi to keep it in their control. Here are the various buildings that exist in war time. (Buildings are stickys.):

    Offensive Camp- There is one of these per Gate. (2 total) The side who is invading must have this building captured to send units to the opposing Village. If the building is not captured, units cannot move farther than the Gates. (ie. Not the Central Area or the Kage’s Castle.)

    Hospital- The hospital is the medical building located in the Central Area. If the enemy has control over this building, no reviving can be done. (You must have YOUR hospital to revive.) Even if someone dies fighting against the enemy Village, they cannot come back the next day. (Medics can still heal though.)

    Article III - Wartime Positions-

    Generals - These are the commanders during wartime. Though they can fight, they are not expected to fight often and only in times of severe need. These usually command the other ninja where to go and what to do.

    Medics - Medical ninja have to be approved by the Kage. Notice, the Special Rank "Medical Nin" doesn't make you automatically a medic, as confusing as that sounds. However, once medics have been established in each village they will be posted in an area that all may be able to find so that each village knows a medic from a non medic. Medics can fight one on one but their best strength is appearing in a fight and giving a heal up to a ninja in need. Only one medic can appear in a fight and can only help one time. Still, they can be quite useful.

    Shinobi - Most fall into this class. They don't have the prestige and strategy of the Generals and they aren't responsible for other ninja. They just fight and fend off opposing forces.


    It is definitely suggested you learn to fight before you join a War Effort but even veteran fighters need to know the ways you create threads and such in a proper War. Ironic eh? Also, YOU CAN ONLY BE IN ONE LOCATION AT A TIME AND FIGHT ONE BATTLE AT A TIME!!! That seems obvious, but you'd be surprised the moves people try. Also, only battle system 3.0 will be accepted in the War. Not that you'd want to use any other.

    If you win a Battle you may continue and fight somewhere else. Your health is completely restored.
    If you run away from a Battle, you are barred from fighting for a 24 Hour period and may suffer harder punishment from your Kage. It also is counted as a win for the other village.
    If you die in battle you cannot come back to fight again until a 24 hour period has passed starting from the moment you post in your Village Hospital you died. If your village hospital has been captured or is in midfight, you cannot be revived and thus are considered dead for the rest of the war.

    Article IV – Fight Creation-

    As you know, to battle you must do so in a thread. I’ll split this up into several sections.


    At the Gates: When you are in an enemy Village at one of their two Gates, it is your job to create the battle threads. This will be responded to by a defender in that area. Except for the Offensive Camp. This thread will already be opened and acceptable for fighting in if someone else isn't already fighting there.

    In the Central Area: When you are in the Central Area, again, you as the attacker create the battle threads. Again this will be responded to by a defender. At hostile buildings, if no one is fighting the person there, you may challenge them. (Keep in mind if you win it is your duty to protect it unless you pass the duty to someone else. If you do so, make sure you first finished any fights and post it in the building).

    At the Kage’s Castle: When you are in the Kage’s Castle, you try to get into as many fights as possible by answering in threads created by defenders.


    At the Gates: When you are protecting your Village Gate, you respond to threads that fighters create to halt their movement. If you beat them, you may enter another thread unless there is an open one.

    In the Central Area: When you are pushed back to the central area, again you must post in threads created by fighters. You may also fight in a building to recapture it. (If you are watching over the building, you must answer to only battles in there.)

    At the Kage’s Castle: When you are pushed back all the way to the Kage’s Castle, you must make threads in advance so you can ward off people that try to come in. Posting your threads up in a timely manner is imperative, as if you cannot reclaim the Central Square fast enough you could lose the war.

    Article V – Fight Process-

    When a fight starts, it is your training and stats from there however if you are fighting in an enemy Village and there are more defenders than fighters currently there, you might have to fight 2 at a time. In every battle except for that of buildings and fights in the Kage’s Castle, the limit of people participating is 3. This is 1 fighter and 1 or 2 defenders. IT CANNOT BE 2 FIGHTERS AND 1 DEFENDER. When there indeed are 2 defenders facing you the order of the battle turns from (Fighter > Defender >Fighter > Defender) to (Fighter > Defender #1 > Defender #2 > Fighter) and so forth. (It really depends if the Shinobi enters after the Fighter moves or the Defender moves.) When going against two opponents you must specify which attack you are sending at whom. However, your evades count for both of their attacks.

    Article VI – Fight Overview-

    When you guys fight, feel free to do so whenever, however if you feel that a move that they made was unfair or an example of God-Modding, contact your Kage. We will have a fair amount of people observing the fights, breaking in when a move seems unlikely but we don’t want to hear the same person constantly complaining. Also, if this does indeed happen, PM the Examiners, do not openly post in the fight saying “Hey, that’s not fair!” or something along those lines.

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    Post on Mon Aug 31 2009, 22:23 by quater


    When the War is laid out successfully, it is the job of the Village fighters, medics, and Generals to work with one and another to create various strategies for war time.

    Article VII - Offensive Movement-

    When attacking a Village, you can only start at one of the two gates leading into the Village; control over at least one of these gates allows access into the “Central Area”. (All fight threads are started by offensive ninja.) In order to control an outpost, you must have an offensive outpost set to send ninja and a minimum of 4 won battles fought. (An inactive Gate battle for an entire day on the defending side automatically opens it for the opposing Village.) Once you reach the “Central Area” you may reach any of the buildings in the clearing but to make it to the “Kage’s Castle” you must have 8 won battles in all. (Again if the defending side is inactive for a day, the opposing Village gets a free win in all threads they didn't respond in.) Once you reach the “Kage’s Castle” you must defeat every defender currently there. To take the Kage's Palace you must win at least 4 matches against the defenders. The defenders have to make several battle threads as fast as possible. If they fail to react to the losing of the Central Square in a day's time with threads ready to defend, they lose the war. The offensive doesn't have to win battles in any specific order, however, for every loss the Offense incurs upon itself it loses two wins in a section. For example, if you had won the necessary 4 battles at a gate but a battle was also lost, you'd need to win 2 more to continue into the central square. This continues up to the Kage's Palace. At the Kage's Palace if you win 4 battles you have won and in no specific order. But, if the defense takes back the Central Square, only needing 4 victories there to do so, then you cannot continue and must retake it. Sounds confusing? Trust your generals and Kage's, for they understand it.

    Article VIII - Defensive Movement-

    When someone is attacking you Village, they are sending Ninja from all sides. You must be on and fight at least once a day to keep them at bay. To prevent the Ninja from entering, you engage ninja in battles that have come to infiltrate and win. You must see a battle all the way through to the end, when one of you dies. If you win the battle, you may enter another one unless there is another open thread. (Maximum people to a thread is 3, 2 defenders and 1 fighter.) Also the defense is responsible for retaking zones if the Offense has captured them. Since gaining entrance requires 8 defeats you must concentrate on fighting people you think you can beat or people no one is fighting. If they make it into the Kage’s Castle, your defensive strategies turn offensive and it is the defenders that create the threads. If one wins, they must make another thread to continue defending. If there are no won threads by your side, you lose the war. Keep in mind the only way to hold out in the Kage’s Castle is to have as much fighters there as possible to create threads. (Threads should be created in advanced if they are close to breaking through, as to prevent the opposite side from defeating all of the fighters there.)

    Article IX - Medical Movement-

    Medics in war are only allowed to serve on their own Village’s territory. They are only allowed one interference in each battle that has not already been interfered on by another medic. Either they can heal the Shinobi or use a disabling Jutsu on the enemy fighter. Fighters that die in enemy territory are done for that day and can only fight again the next day. Once a medic is chosen to be a medic at pre-War briefing, they cannot change roles and there is a maximum of 3 medics per side (as of now). The medic base is the hospital located in the “Central Area”. If this area is taken over by enemy ninja, no reviving can be done. Once someone dies, they stay “dead” until the side recaptures it back. Also, important to note is that Medical Ninjas cannot be attacked or challenged in a war unless they opt to fight.

    Article X - Strategic Movement-

    If you think, after reading this, beating war will be easy, think again. The reason we need Generals is to view the war as a whole and make the best moves. This is not a cheat sheet, rather a list of things you should keep in mind when making strategies during pre-War rest. New strategies including Retreat Orders are sent by mass PM. First of all, you must keep an eye on how many soldiers you have and create movements that augment that number. You must know your troop limits. If not, you could create large holes in your movements. Another thing is you always need to maintain balance between your Fighters and Defenders. Sorting them out to the area that needs them most is key. In addition, you cannot let your defenses or your offensive movements fail so you need to spend almost equal time on both squadrons. Also, the capture of buildings can provide a great advantage during war. This and many other things need to happen during the course of War. Keep that in mind…

    Article XI – Retreat Orders-

    Retreat orders can only be issued by Kages themselves and only apply when the Kage wants to withdraw all units from a certain or all Village(s). Once a retreat order is issued all, shinobi at the Village [where the order was issued] who are currently in battle must post the fact that they run away and all battles that were being fought in the Village are won by the opposing side. These orders should only issued when all strategists have agreed on it and when more help is required at saving their Village than beating another Village. This order prevents any battles from being started for one day in enemy territory and these orders can only be sent in mass to every shinobi. (Helping allied Villages ward off Shinobi is only allowed if the retreat order specifies so.) If a shinobi disobeys the order, then that shinobi will be immediately exiled from their Village. However, every other Village is allowed to continue the War as normal. Because of this, retreat orders should only be used in moderation and when completely necessary.


    After a war is completed, many things will happen like distribution of territory and other things. The losing Village(s) privacy is disrupted so they are required to win it back through various ways.

    Article XII – Territory Share-

    When you lose a war your village becomes an open box to the enemies. They can post in your threads, use them anyway they want to, and boss you around. Its a sad event but the price for failure to win the war. Only the Missions section is kept hidden.

    Article XIII – Liberation-

    In order to liberate a village you must grow by 50 ninja. This proves your village has grown from its previous limits.

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    it looks the same word for word as the one I saw like a year ago...

    Post on Mon Aug 31 2009, 22:25 by quater

    That's because...

    I didn't get a chance to read through it and edit yet.

    My real apologies. Honestly.

    Post on Mon Aug 31 2009, 22:26 by Meika-Chan

    Again. I point out you need a nap and a vacation.

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    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 09:36 by amaterasu

    it is the exact same thing

    I just have one question Q

    can Medics fight at all?

    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 10:10 by Banouin

    Strategists! Oh noes! We need them. Oh wait. I think thats me and Ama ^_^;

    Post on Tue Sep 01 2009, 13:21 by quater

    amaterasu wrote:it is the exact same thing

    I just have one question Q

    can Medics fight at all?

    I didn't get a chance to read through it and edit yet.

    My real apologies. Honestly.


    Yes, they can. But obviously not while they're healing.

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