Beginning of the end.


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    Beginning of the end.

    Post by KarateKeyaQ

    It is coming.
    The apocalypse! World damnation! The prison cell that takes away my freedom! TOTAL CHAOS!

    School is two weeks away.

    What's so bad about this you say?
    Well lets make a list.
    1. it's school.
    2. it's SCHOOL!
    3. My summer going bye bye!
    4. Limited time on the computer! D:
    5. HOMEWORK!
    6. School itself! it's school!
    7. Idiot Teachers.
    8. HOMEWORK!
    9. Waking up at unreasonable times. (You know, if school started later, I'd so want to go)
    10. UNIFORMS. Gag.
    11. Not being able to wear any kind of jean material. WTF?
    12. Half of my favorite teachers were laid off =__=
    13. TESTS!
    14. Homework.
    15. Back to school shopping-it'd be pleasant if I weren't shopping for uniforms.
    16. First week back= Choas. UGH. I hate the first few weeks of school.
    They suck. Besides the first day. That's awesome. Doing absolutely
    nothing for a half of day. Not too bad.
    17. Most of my friends are leaving out of state/to diff schools. I'll make more friends, sure but UGH. I'll miss my old ones.
    18. Am I saying UGH too much?
    19. I could do go to 100 with this list. But I'll stop at 20.
    20. UGH! It's school!

    21. Like 4 minutes to get from one part of the school to the next.
    22. DETENTION! I always seem to get it >_>
    23. report cards. Not my favorite cards.
    24. I was suppose to stop at 20. Sorry.

    For those of you who enjoy school, I hope I didn't offend you. I,
    myself, do not. I look at college as additional years of my life being
    taken away from me.

    But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get an education.

    It's gaining on me and I'm TOTALLY not ready. *sighs*
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    Post on Tue Aug 25 2009, 17:05 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Poor Keyair.. but I assure you ...I bet your uniform is not HALF as bad as what mine was... *shudders*

    Post on Tue Aug 25 2009, 17:06 by quater

    Good luck KeyaQ!

    Post on Thu Aug 27 2009, 10:42 by Always-Abby

    I have to same feeling T___T
    Except, I start in 6 days.

    I agree with eeeeverything on that list, except for the uniform part, since I don't have to wear one.

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