WOTN Youtube Channel


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    WOTN Youtube Channel

    Post by quater

    I've wanted to do this for like, ever. Ever since Shinobi Redemption came up with the idea himself and he made one but we never used it. Oops....

    Anyway, so now we have a new one.

    It's called WOTNStudios. Please subscribe and friend it as soon as possible.
    I'll also be posting all the WTS's there from now on.

    Now you're probably asking, "And why would we want this? Why would I want to buddy this?" Well, these are legit questions.

    You would want it because it'll make all our video sharing needs easier. Now, you can put an AMV, V-log, whatever up on youtube on your account and get views there, and show it to everyone on WOTN when we upload it to the WOTN Channel. See? Simple! ^_^

    And, it also makes it easier to advertize WOTN and our stuff to the Youtube world because its all very centralized.

    Why you would want to buddy or subscribe this? Besides the obvious, to support the WOTN takeover of the world, there is another good reason. If we can get you guys to start posting videos to this channel, then we can also make it easy for you to view all your fellow Shinobi and friend's works and support them. That way, also, people who may not get much attention on their videos will get them somewhere.

    Pretty much, its the concept behind the WOTN Blogs, but now in Video format.

    Really, anything is free to go up there if we can find any relevance to Anime or the site to it. Just PM me if you want to put a video up and I'll give you the Password for you to login on and badabing! ^__^

    I'm going to make a new section for this information to go on, so hold up.

    And if you read all of this, PM me for +2 stats.
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    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 17:38 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    Subscribed and friended :D

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 18:15 by TheFirstKnight

    If I remember correctly, I can't make a youtube account anymore ......

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 19:09 by amaterasu

    why is that TFK?

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 22:09 by TheFirstKnight

    because I am too lazy to?

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 22:11 by quater

    Haha. ^_^

    Post on Tue Aug 25 2009, 11:32 by Azarni_Rin

    youtube doesnt work on my computer NO! NO! NO!

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