Full Metal Alchemist: brotherhood.


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    Full Metal Alchemist: brotherhood.

    Post by Banouin

    Is it just me or is this one way ahead of the original. I loved Full metal Alchemist, but after only a few eps of brotherhood. I was in for good. I was told that it stays more to the manga or whatever. I have no idea. Have never seen it, but I love the fact that they do.

    Lets start off with the look. The original looked good, but this one just seems to look overall better. It could be that I have no seen the original in some time but they just look better to me.

    With the story being more in line to the manga we see mega changes. Even in Ep one, If you have seen the original and brotherhood. You will know Ep one of Brotherhood is new and never put in the FMA. All of the changes really seem for the better.

    I know I can't wait for more Eps to come out.
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    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 20:51 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    You were so slow beginning to watch this xP

    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 22:18 by quater

    Actually I think Episode 1 is a filler ep, though I could of read that wrong somewhere.

    But yes, FMA Brotherhood kills FMA original. The only thing about the original that was on par with the new FMA was that the back arcs and jokes were pretty much just as good. Also, the Ost for the original was unbeatable.

    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 22:22 by Banouin

    Even if it was a filler, geez. That was one hell of a filler. ^_^;

    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 22:23 by quater

    Just saying.

    Post on Sun Aug 23 2009, 00:17 by Always-Abby

    Your girlfriend got me into this.
    God bless her. xD
    I'm only on episode 11 though because of school work and everything :/

    Post on Tue Aug 25 2009, 12:44 by judai12

    i'm almnost done wih it,if u read the FMA manga its just like it

    Post on Tue Jan 26 2010, 00:48 by angieLOVE

    Wah! I heard that Aaron Dismuke isn't playing Al in Brotherhood! I was devastated... but... is it true????

    Post on Tue Jan 26 2010, 02:25 by SickSelfishSyQo

    I guess Maxey Whitehead (what a name) will be playing him. But A. Dismuke will be back for some other role.

    Post on Mon Feb 01 2010, 22:20 by angieLOVE

    He better be... *sniff sniff* I liked him

    Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 13:07 by Toshii

    hmm....i need to watch that. :/

    Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 13:09 by Mikel

    haven't seen all episodes, just some, and i'm not even sure what episodes those were but yeah, they were good. ^^

    Post on Sat Feb 06 2010, 13:10 by Toshii

    i was gonna watch it but i forgot. 8D

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