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    Post by amaterasu

    In my opinion, baked beans are bad, but also the new layout is cool

    Smoking is bad though, and members of my family participate in that activity, and it saddens me. Also Greek is fun to learn, but having only two books over 4 days as your only entertainment (Plus a Tv that I am not confident that I can use), it is getting really boring here

    i wish I were back in New Brunsick, because it is a good place to be, and In my opinion, summer sucks, winter is bad sometimes but fall and spring are awesome

    I want school back, since it is (in my opinion0 not an onion, but a place of social gathering, and learning (sometimes)

    Also hockey starts in the fall, so tis all good
    also heat is terrible, I dislike it, and wish it would go away

    also one piece is awesome, and yeah
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    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 19:21 by quater

    I made a OP blog you might want to read, Ama.

    I brought my video camera with me on my vaca and worked on a new WTS. You should of done something similar. Kills the boredom a little.

    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 19:24 by amaterasu

    I don't have that technology


    I will read your blog, and I am here till monday D:

    oh well

    Post on Sat Aug 22 2009, 19:26 by quater

    Oh well, at least you can still post! My grandparents didn't have a computer.

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