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    Post by quater

    This is just, um. Yeah.

    Anyway, I already made stuff about it, but I added blogz to the site. Go check em out. Have fun with them? Er, yeah. ^_^
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    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 20:59 by spyke543

    I didn't know whether I should have posted this here or make a new post in the suggestions sub, but anyways, here it is.

    Would it be a good idea to have seperate like, sections for each member so it would be easier to follow their blogs? Or would it be too complicated to do this or take up too much space? And by having seperate sections for each user, maybe they could pay a small fee for it and pm you just so you know they're serious about it.

    btw, this just popped up in my head. So just a thought.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:00 by Banouin

    You mean like, *Make it so you can see all of amas blogs alone* Then move on to Deaths, then Abbys and so on?

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:02 by quater

    I think he does.

    I was against this idea because it would be very time consuming.

    And then, you said pay. And my greedy avarice of Capitalist senses began tingling.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:04 by spyke543

    Haha. Of course nothing is free, right Q? And yes, that is what I mean. Thanks for clearing that up Bano.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:08 by quater

    Mhm. Plus, why should I do the trouble of making a personal blog for you without you giving me something in return. I'll work on this. This was a good idea, Spyke.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:11 by amaterasu

    I had some of the same thought as Spyke, but I thought it would be time consuming and end up being more effort than worth

    having each person's blog like a forum and their blogs are individual posts, so it is easier to follow

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:12 by spyke543

    Yeah, I agree with ama's reasons. And thanks Q.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:14 by quater

    I thought of that, Ama. Actually, the original blog was going to be a lot like that.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:20 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    I like the idea, but if its hassle maybe not?

    But that way if you find someone boring you don't have to read their blog xP haha.

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:23 by quater

    You don't have to now, though?

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:41 by CLAIRVOYANTdisease

    You can ignore it even better if you group them? xP

    Post on Mon Aug 24 2009, 21:43 by quater

    Then that'd be the opposite of what I'd want to do ^_^ The more you read the more you post the better off WOTN is Xp

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