One Thousand Miles




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    One Thousand Miles

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Mon Jun 15 2009, 19:20

    I wanna listen to something
    Just to get it all out.
    I wanna push you away,
    Just so you値l hear me out.
    I値l never understand how
    You ever put up with me.

    You called it concern,
    I called it impulsive.
    I couldn稚 keep my head straight,
    You couldn稚 do anything to help me,
    Even if you tried to every time
    I met with you.

    I tried to keep you away,
    To shut you out from my phase,
    Telling you to get the hell out,
    Saying that it was too late to fix me,
    And that you couldn稚 do anything.
    You still just couldn't leave me alone.

    I saw your eyes in pain
    Every time you saw my face.
    My anger never hurt someone
    As much as it hurt you.
    I知 sorry for never saying that
    It wasn稚 ever your fault.

    I know you saw something in me
    That no one could ever see,
    Especially me.
    I知 thanking right you now,
    And I hope that you can hear me out.
    I知 sorry for keeping you so weighed down.

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