"Horror" Story


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    "Horror" Story

    Post by quater on Thu May 14 2009, 01:58

    I had to write a Horror Story for class. This is the pathetic work I came up with. Part 1. I haven't finished part 2. I probably won't if no one likes this. I wouldn't blame you for not liking it.

    Edit: Sorry it's on 3 posts. And really sorry it's doing that stupid, WOTN eats your paragraphs thing. If that keeps you from reading it, I don't blame ya at all.

    “Agh! The horror!” my roommate
    Steve shouted and I quickly ducked as something heavy whirred by my
    head. “Why, oh why did I decide to be a philosophy major?”

    “Because you want to know the
    meaning of life,” I smiled and tossed him back his used copy of The
    Qabalistic Tarot
    . Papers had flown everywhere across the small on
    campus apartment he and I shared but there was no way I was picking
    them up. He sat across from me at our small table by the one window
    on the second story.

    “When I originally started it it was
    exciting but now it's such a bore. How will any of this matter to
    me?” he called out in frustration. I knew better than to get
    involved when he was like this. It wasn't philosophy that bugged him
    so much as it was he had his first big test in a class that was going
    fast. I couldn't say that College was working any differently for me.
    I spent most of my days reading the same texts learning it as best as
    I could by the light of the lamp. Even though we had a 3 room
    Apartment, almost all our time was used in the living space studying.

    “Later, Chris, I am going to my
    professor's for a study session,” Steve said shutting the door
    behind him. And now it was me and a calculator and a test tomorrow.
    But I was used to being alone in the apartment. Steve was always
    getting excited by something. And he had all the knowledge he needed
    to ace that Philosophy test but none of the patience to actually read
    the chapter. If there was a shortcut to taking a test he always tried

    It was after the study sessions that
    made me worry just a tad. He'd get home in the middle of the night,
    if he came home that night at all, clearly intoxicated somehow and
    rambling about how he had “Seen the other side” and that I didn't
    smile enough and then he'd collapse onto the green couch we owned. It
    was pretty much the only furniture besides my bed and the table we
    shared in the small apartment. It was downright strange those nights;
    I smile plenty. But, I had bigger things to worry about. Like who
    still shoots cannons so that we needed to find out where they would
    land and their velocity too?

    [Scene Break]

    Alarm blared in the early morning. I
    jumped out of my covers and did the usual wakeup call of punching my
    alarm clock and dashing to the shower. After stumbling out of my room
    and the bathroom we shared, the entire apartment was a mess, I
    noticed that Steve hadn't come home. Still, it was the brisk walk
    across campus in the November air that made me think not the usual
    disappearance of Steve.

    The wind was powerful today and I was
    very glad to have picked up my jacket. As I wondered into class I
    couldn't help notice that I was unusually early. Only a few students
    were sitting along the long rows of tables in the large classroom. As
    I took my seat I thought, “I should probably pull out my book and
    do some early morning review.” That thought lasted till I closed my
    eyes on the desk and waited. As the pleasant, sweet, tender mistress
    of sleep began to embrace me slowly I was jarred awake by two
    students who had come into class. It wasn't their coming into class,
    it wasn't even that they were loud. It was that they were too quiet.
    They were speaking in those tones that were off to anyone paying
    attention. So I did the upright citizen of America thing to do. I
    tried even harder to listen. Other than those who were actually
    studying, everyone else was asleep so I had the perfect disguise.
    Those studiers were morning people. Morning people were evil.

    “So, how many people are involved
    in it?” a clearly defined girl's voice, though through the haze of
    early morning I wasn't sure who. In a class of 90 students I hadn't
    exactly mastered everyone's names. The campus was a great school for
    science and mathematics, and I had gotten here on a scholarship. But
    so had many others in the area. In fact, in this sea of students it
    was easy to get the notion here that you were less than even a face.
    A name, at best. A dollar sign, to most.

    “No one knows, but it's a sure
    thing. You'd be amazed, believe me. The things that go on there, mind
    blowing,” whispered a clearly excited but nervous guy.

    “Well, how do I get there? Where do
    I go?”

    “Shh...not here. I'll tell ya later.
    You'll know it by the smile...”

    “Yo, bro, no time for sleeping,”
    the loud distinct voice of Collin shocked me and I felt his big hand
    slap me on the shoulder. I looked up into the tall goofy kid's smile.
    His long hair was a mess in every direction and I could tell he
    hadn't combed this morning.

    “Need help on some stuff?” I said
    as I saw he already had his book open and was pointing at it and me.

    “Well, you know, I got formulas down
    and then they want me to apply it. Why math gotta have so many
    numbers?” he asked.

    I smiled and glanced over the side of
    my shoulder. But in a class quickly filling up with voices and
    students I had no idea where the conversation from early had come and
    decided it wasn't worth my time to find out.

    [Scene Break]

    The walk back to my apartment was
    solidly heartbreaking. A complete failure. That test had brutally
    chewed me up and meat grinded me into a hamburger you'd only serve to
    your worst enemy, or Ronald McDonald. The only solace was that as bad
    as I had done, Collin had done much worse. Yet he was still smiling.

    “Man, I did so bad on that test I am
    starting to think my name was a trick question,” he said.

    “Then don't be so cheery about it,
    Collin,” I reminded him.

    “On a nice cool day like today?
    Forget about it! These are the November days when you remember why
    you're alive,” he called out and began to hum. He was an odd kid,
    but lovable in his own way. The sidewalk arching across the campus
    ended here and we began the grassy walk to the apartments way out on
    the end of the campus. I personally quite enjoyed the apartments here
    for they gave a nice view of the woods behind it, instead of on the
    other side of campus where the small town of Oakridge was all you
    could see. It was the kind of town that sprung up because of the
    college, and had an assortment some restaraunts, a mom and pop
    grocery store or two, and a few gems here and there. Hardly urbanized
    or even remotely modern. Still, I liked this atmosphere. Always
    relaxed, always friendly.

    “So, what are your plans for today,

    “Not much,” I answered as I walked
    up the stairs of the very beige colored apartment buildings. I
    trudged up the stairs to the second floor where the cheaper smaller
    apartments were.

    “Aye, where's the adventure in
    that?” Collin begged. “You should quit studying so much and go do
    something,” he added specifying.

    “Now now,” I answered, propping
    open the door to my apartment, “if I don't study who will brief you
    before the test giving you false hope.”As I walked into our
    apartment's living room and Steves's room I noticed the ghastly
    figure of someone else. It wasn't Steve but I recognized by the black
    gel choked hair immediately who it was. “Justin. What are you doing
    in here?” I demanded.

    “Hey, guys,” he drawled. He didn't
    have an accent, but he just made a point of annunciating every
    syllable as slowly as possible. It was his sophisticated way.

    “How did he get in here?” asked

    “I used my key,” Justin answered

    “But the real question here is why
    are you here?” I asked again, getting him back on subject. I had to
    squint to see him. The window let only a sparsity of light in and the
    lights were not yet on, leaving him half consumed by the shadows. His
    clothing helped to conceal him all the more with the assortment of
    blacks and blacker.

    “Why does he have a key and not me?”
    Collin whined.

    “I was wondering if you had seen
    Steven,” he said methodically.

    “Not since last night, but he should
    be taking a philosophy test this afternoon,” I said. I didn't much
    trust Justin. I had a feeling he was a good kid, but he always gave
    you that look like he knew a little bit more than you about something
    frightening just below the surface.

    “He went over to the professor's
    again?” Justin looked at me worried.

    “I'd go get him for a key,” Collin
    said just as I punched him in the shoulder.

    I walked carefully over to my desk and
    set down my books. “Yes, he did. Study session.”

    A look of disgust and fear crossed his
    face very quickly. “Thanks for telling me, Chris. He spends too
    much time with Professor Charmsworth.”

    Most of us found the name of the new
    professor weird. He was one of many the college had hired to help
    promote the school as more than just a mathematics and science one.
    “I agree, but what can ya do, Justin?” I eyed him curiously. He
    got up, looked as if he was going to say something, then started
    walking out the door. He stopped again, looked at me and quietly

    “You should keep an eye on him.
    There's something not right going on here,” he said mystifying us.

    [Scene Break]

    I had been reading the next chapter in
    my Calculus book and Collin had wandered off looking for ice cream
    hours ago when I heard the front door open. An exhausted Steve
    collapsed onto the couch and moaned. “How was your test?” I
    called out to him.

    I began to wonder if he had heard me
    as I waited for a response. After several minutes and a weird sigh
    gurgle he called back, “It wasn't so bad. I feel pretty good about

    I could tell he wasn't in the mood
    much for talking. He usually was in a rambling mood after a test
    because all his philosophical prowess was ready to tell me the
    amazing connections he made. But he seemed quite bedraggled about it

    “Justin came by, looking for you,
    seemed worried,” I made one last push for conversation.

    “Ip,” was the nonsensical reply. I
    ignored him and went back to my studying. I was a bit surprised when
    I looked up and he was standing in my doorway watching me. He didn't
    usually bother me in my room but preferred the living room sofa. And
    the look he gave me didn't sit well.

    “What's up, Steve?” I asked,

    “I don't know, Chris,” he said
    quietly. I didn't say anything. “You ever get the feeling you're
    being watched?”

    This took me by surprise. As off as
    Steve could often be, he wasn't the type to be spooked very easily.
    In fact he was quite macho for a philosopher. He was the first out of
    the two of us to jump into a sport and he was always much better with
    the ladies than I was. But, it's really hard to choose between a
    philosopher and a physicist, considering we're both such prime date

    “What do you mean, Steve?” I

    “I don't know, Chris,” he said
    nervously. “Something's just not right. When I'm walking across
    campus, I just can feel it. Two eyes driving into the back of my
    head. I don't know where they are. I look around for em, and I can't
    find them. But they are there again. As soon as I turn around.”

    There was nothing in his eyes but
    fear. Whatever was going on, he was telling me the truth.

    “When did this start?”

    “It was around the time,” his
    voice trailed off as he looked at me again. It was a studying look.
    He got up and went into the other room. I almost thought this just a
    tad bit creepy conversation was over when he was at my doorway
    holding a piece of paper. He tossed it to me but there wasn't
    anything on it but a few lines. I looked at em closely and saw a
    smiley face.

    “I got that a few weeks ago. I
    opened up my book and it was at the page where I was supposed to
    start reading. I thought it might have been there from the person who
    used my book before me, but then the professor saw me with it,” he
    said nervously with just a strike of panic in his voice. His own
    trembling was passing on to me for I could feel an uneasiness of the
    smiley face taking over. It came off more menacing and crooked the
    more I stared at it.

    Suddenly, he grabbed the sheet of
    paper in my hands and wrenched it away from me. His moment of fear
    had turned quickly to resolve. He glared at me. Eying me with
    contempt for his moment of weakness on the issue. “You know, these
    are troubled times. You need to be careful. And you should consider
    hearing one of Professor's Charmsworth's lectures. The man's genius.”

    Without a further word he was gone.
    Laying on the sofa. I was completely baffled and tossed the calculus
    book. There was no chance of me studying anymore tonight. I turned
    out the light, and went to bed. I only hoped things would turn around
    for me tomorrow, but they got much, much worse.

    [Scene Break]

    Sitting in class the next morning I
    tried to shake off the day I had been having before. A mixture of
    curiosity at what was going on and fear at the disturbed Steve had me
    confused. And the words of Justin and Steve continued to echo inside.
    And this figure, Charmsworth.

    I was barely aware of class ending
    when Collin smiled and clapped me on the shoulder, as he loved to do.
    “Hey, Chris, you seem pretty out of it today,” he said. A tinge
    of concern was hinted in his voice.

    “Ah, sorry. Didn't get much sleep
    last night,”

    His face immediately brightened. “You
    love to study too much, my man,” he answered.

    The two of us got up and were leaving
    class when I noticed something. It had almost completely escaped my
    eye. In the mix of moving students and bustling books and papers one
    had fallen and floated slowly, softly to the ground. My eyes grounded
    on it. I couldn't look away. On it was the figure of a smiley. The
    exact double dot eyes and curved arc of a semicircle, staring back at

    I jumped on it and grasped it of the
    floor. Why was it here? Who dropped it? I looked around everywhere
    but most of the class was gone and I hadn't a clue who had left it. I
    felt it trembling in my hand and the loud shaking of the paper
    rattled in my ears. Was it for me? Was the smiley left on purpose?
    Had someone else mistakenly dropped it not knowing its significance?
    Was it even significant in the first place? Was I just acting foolish
    over absolutely nothing?

    “Woah, Chris, take it easy. It's
    just a piece of paper. It won't hurt you,” Collin said. I looked
    over and a true face of sympathy was looking at me. “You okay?”

    I gathered myself. Crumbling the paper
    up I tossed it into the trash can. I was done with this. This joke.
    It was a piece of paper, and a stupid drawing. I wasn't going to let
    something so idiotic mess with my head. Justin and Steve could have
    their Charmsworth and dose of crazy. I had finished.

    “Yeah, I am fine,” I said, as the
    calm soothingly fell back over me.

    “You really went after that piece of
    paper,” Collin said.

    “Well you know how much litter just
    works me up. Keeping our campuses clean is everyone's job,” I
    smiled back at him.

    “Alright, I believe you. You math
    geniuses are so strange,” Collin mused.

    “Oh really? Why do you take these
    classes if you're not interested in math, Collin?” I asked,

    “My dad was a technical engineer. I
    enjoy working with machines, and fixing their problems. I really do
    like that aspect of it. But all this advanced math, ugh. But it's
    necessary if I want to follow my dream job,” he said all too
    cheerfully for the hour we were in. I was beginning to consider him a
    morning person, and that did not bode well.

    We exited the classroom. I had
    finished with this incessant stupidity. I had left my cares in that
    wastebasket and wouldn't think of the smilies or odd behaviors again.
    I had hoped.

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    Re: "Horror" Story

    Post by quater on Thu May 14 2009, 02:08

    [Scene Break]

    After much hassling Collin convinced
    me some food off campus was a good idea. We ate a tasty burger at a
    local burger joint and then parted ways. I took a relaxing long walk
    in the cool air and enjoyed the sight of the stars. Our college
    Campus was nestled between a few mountains and we could clearly see
    them. We were just at the base of where two met. It was a truly
    beautiful sight and great for getting away. I thought of the summer
    plans of river rafting, cave exploration, and trekking through the
    woods. But, I also enjoyed just walking happily around campus. You
    were truly alone out here.

    When I arrived at the apartment I was
    surprised to see a note by Steve. It was scribbled, very quickly, and
    it said he was going to see Professor Charmsworth and he'd see me
    tomorrow. The troubling part was at the very end. Out of no apparent
    connection to the rest of the note he wrote, “You are always been a
    good roommate to me thanks thanks” and then underneath a smiley. I
    crumpled up the note and tossed it. I wasn't bothering. I had the
    integrals to solve. I was soon deep into my studying. I only looked
    up once when I thought I heard the quite snap of a door. But Steve
    hadn't come home and no one was there.

    [Scene Break]

    Something was pounding. I immediately
    jumped out of my bed and kicked off the covers when I realized
    someone was hammering on my front door. I took a second to catch my
    breath. It had been so loud I was sure someone was inside the room
    with me.

    I had no idea what kind of idiot would
    pound on my door, but I was going to give them a piece of my mind.
    They were not only rude but clearly a morning person by the 6 o clock
    hour. Two strikes bub. I unlocked the door as quickly as I could and
    threw the door open. “Hey look pal...” I stopped.

    At first it hadn't been in focus. But
    now I clearly saw myself staring down the barrel of a handgun. A
    pistol of some sort. I wasn't familiar with what kind. My brain shut

    “Are you Chris Metal?” a gruff
    bass voice shocked me back into the reality of the situation.

    “Um, yes, sir, I am,” my voice
    hesitated as I looked at the man holding the gun. Slicked back hair,
    aviator sunglasses, and chewing gum to boot. His uniform was
    unnecessary because he couldn't have looked anymore the stereotypical
    cop if he tried.

    “You aware of where your roommate
    is?” he asked in a tone that all too well said you did it. But did

    “I'm sorry, is he in some kind of
    trouble? Hurt?” I asked, my eyes back on the gun.

    “No, punk, he's dead. And I have
    good mind to arrest you right here and right now, because I believe
    you did it,” he gruffed out.

    I fell. I couldn't believe it. My mind
    stopped. Nothing came out of my mouth. I looked at the cop, and then
    down. Dead? Steve was dead?

    “Geez, one for theatrics are we?”
    the cop pulled me roughly to my feet. He was strong, much more so
    than he looked. “I can't arrest you now, but I could just as easily
    get a warrant. Lots of circumstantial evidence to be gathered here.
    But I'm giving you a chance to do it the easy way. Take my offer, and
    you'll avoid a lot of pain and publicity. Turn yourself in. Just tell
    me where you were last night, the truth. And we can solve this much
    quicker than the other way.”

    Behind my shell shocked brain I
    detected a gleam in his eyes. He was lying through his teeth. He
    desperately wanted me to not turn myself in. He wanted to prove I did
    it. “I have no idea what you're talking about. What do you mean I
    did it? I didn't even know he was dead,” I could feel my anger
    boiling up. Waking me up with news like that then accusing me. What
    was the nerve of this guy? I was furious.

    The man grabbed me by the arm and
    roughly pushed me to the wall outside. I was again taken back by his
    strength and the waving of his gun quickly took away my steam. “Bad
    move, mister. You see, as a roommate of his you're already very
    suspect. But, we checked Mr. Steve's cell phone last night. And you
    won't believe the text he received just moments before the scream was
    heard that got him reported.”

    He whipped out Steve's cell phone and
    pointed it at me. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a message and
    smiley face. But even worse.

    “'Goodbye' it says. That's your cell
    phone number. We checked it out with the company this morning. You
    have any reason for sending him a smiley and telling him goodbye? You
    hadn't sent him any texts before. Look, punk. It may not seem like
    much, but I'm an expert. And I know these things. And I know you did
    it. Now, would you let me into your room?” he asked.

    I immediately let him in. What else
    could I do? I was for one far too dazed at the situation. And if I
    had said no, I would have looked guilty. Plus even I was baffled by
    the cell phone. I hadn't picked it up at all last night. He walked
    into the room. His eyes darted everywhere until they landed on my
    cell phone on the table stand. He picked it up and flipped through
    it. My heart leapt when he turned around and pointed to me an
    outgoing text I had sent. 'Goodbye' smiley.

    “I warned you to turn yourself in,
    kid. I've solved much harder cases with half the evidence I have
    here. You're on the top of our list. Have a nice day,” I watched
    him leave. A wicked smile had come over him and he left me standing
    there. As the door shut I felt my heart drop. Steve was dead.

    [Scene Break]

    The two weeks that followed Steve's
    death hardly registered. Steve's funeral. His body had been found
    tied to a tree. His family had cried. Schooling was optional. Knife
    wounds all over his body. No sign of the cop. I didn't attend class.
    Justin hadn't been around. Steve thought I had been a good roommate.
    Many asked me how I was doing. Was there anything anyone could have
    done, his mom sobbed. Collin spent hours with me. Steve's things
    were gathered. And by the end of the week, any evidence Steve was
    ever there was gone.

    I tried to return to the normal beat
    of things. In a campus this big you were quickly forgotten. In a town
    that small, you were never forgotten. It was the cruelest of grips I
    was stuck between, and I was crashing. At college Steven's memory was
    fading as finals were rearing up and people returned to the normal
    beat of things. I felt a sense of betrayal to him amongst my peers.
    And I was tortured by that same sense of betrayal in the moments when
    I had moved on. He had been my best friend. However, in a small town
    this murder was the only talk. Anytime I showed up there was rumoring
    and talk of what happened. I knew what they were thinking. If that
    cop was right, they must all believe I did it. I could feel the hate
    of an entire town on me wherever I went. And I could feel the
    betrayal of all my peers.

    So I hid away. I felt myself lost in
    math books and study. I had before been just a studious student. Now
    I was burying my troubles away. I often would sit by a table, stare
    out at the window and into those woods. What had happened that night?
    And who had really sent that text? Could it have possibly even been
    me? I knew it couldn't. But there was just enough doubt. Just the
    tiniest bit of uncertainty there to eat at me and brutalize me.

    There were other reasons I had hid
    away. Returning to my apartment had become a mental burden. Someone
    had been in my room, while I was there. And I couldn't help the
    feeling that one day I'd open the door and they'd be back. Hiding
    there meant that I knew who was coming in and out of my apartment.
    Plus, there was something not right about the campus. I knew it was
    probably in my head, but I was beginning to think someone was
    watching me. I was worried it was the cop. And dreading it was
    something even more frightening.

    Collin tried to help. He knew I was
    suffering. But I turned him away at every attempt. I wanted nothing
    to do with humanity. A part of me was just waiting for the moment
    when it all ended. I thought it came two weeks after he died.

    A light tap tap at my door. I knew it
    wasn't Collin. I had let him go make a copy of the key and he used it
    mercilessly. I opened the door and saw two officers in uniform. The
    officer from before wasn't present. I realized something before that
    made me feel like an idiot. I didn't even know the previous officers

    “Hello, son,” the big man started.
    “Mind if we ask you a few questions?”

    “Sure,” was my timid response. I
    was tearing apart. I couldn't convict myself by being overly unusual,
    yet I didn't want to come off brash and make myself seem aggressive.

    He held out his hand and I almost
    wasn't sure what to do with it. I put mine out and shook it. “Name's
    officer Wells and my partner here go by Charity,” the man started
    friendly. I was so confused. Two weeks ago I was being shoved around
    and now these two showed up acting like we could be friends?

    “Anyway, we are here to ask you a
    few questions about yourself on the night of November, 15. The night
    of your friend's death. I know this has to be a painful subject, but
    we have to ask you for all you know about it. No one is here accusing
    you,” he said. In his eyes none of the accusing from the earlier
    cop was evident.

    “Well, I came home rather late,” I

    “Where had you been?” he asked.

    “Uh, I went out to eat, with my
    friend Collin. You can check him on that. When I got home,” I
    suddenly remembered the note and dashed for it. I hadn't left it in
    the wastebasket but instead pulled it off the table by the window. I
    caught a glimpse of the forest. The sun was going down and the shadow
    of it was longing toward the building.

    “I found this note,” I said
    handing it to Officer Wells. He looked at it and read it over
    carefully. His eyes widened by surprise at the end.

    “Have you shown this note to anyone?
    Are you sure you got it from Steve?” he asked. His tone had
    harshened a bit.

    “It was there when I got home. I had
    kept it to myself. Why?” officer Wells didn't answer. He studied me
    quietly for a minute. For the first time Charity spoke up.

    “That Smiley, it's the same one from
    the crime scene,” she said. Her voice was thicker and more
    masculine than you'd expect. She pushed a blond hair out of her way
    and looked me in the eyes. “Chris, are you sure you don't know
    anything else about this?”

    Her brown eyes stared at me but I told
    her I knew nothing. After another grueling moment I felt relief
    finally breathe back into me. Officer Wells believed me. I could see
    it in his face “Thank you, son. This could be very helpful
    evidence,” he said. Evidence to what I wasn't sure, but I felt I
    myself had been freed from the suspect list.

    “It's okay, Chris. We'll catch your
    friend's murderer,” she called back as the two of them turned to

    “Wait. What is the big deal, about
    the last line, the smiley?” I asked.

    Officer Wells turned slowly. “As you
    may know, we found Steven's body hung up to a tree with multiple stab
    wounds. What we hadn't told the public was that on the other tree
    opposite him we found cut into it a simple smiley face. Until now we
    had no real leads except, well, similar cases. I am not saying you
    are suspect, but I am saying that this note to you and his death are
    very interconnected. Be careful, son. This is something bigger and
    more dangerous than before.”

    It was all returning. The worry, the
    anxiety, the absolute fear from before. It was back. I could scarcely
    breathe. I waved weakly as the officers left. I remembered then to
    ask about the cop from before, but without even knowing his name and
    hoping not to incriminate myself, I stayed silent.

    [Scene Break]

    It took another two weeks, but I had
    finally gotten over his death and what had gone on. I still felt like
    I was being watched, but I was coming out of the apartment again. I
    enjoyed the sunsets on the mountains and was even beginning to enjoy
    the look of the woods. Collin was happy to see my mood change. Not to
    mention the holidays had arrived.

    I sat quietly zoned out during a
    teacher's lecture. Other people were texting, but my cell phone was
    recharging back at the apartment. We had a final on it but I was more
    than maxed out. I had been considering leaving this quiet college
    over what happened, but now that I had seen it drift over with snow
    and the way the mountains stood against it all. It was too beautiful
    to give up.

    Collin sat next to me, doodling a
    picture. He was even more signed off to school than I was. He was
    drawing a picture that I would never forget. So cruel, so grotesque.
    It's lines and symmetry so horrid first graders would have screamed
    in pain. I believe it was Santa Class hugging a reindeer. But it
    could have easily been Jello eating a car.

    As class ended we picked up our things
    and I smiled at some of my fellow students. I had begun to make some
    new acquaintances. I turned toward Collin and froze. His book was
    open and in it sat a sheet of paper. On it were the lines of a smiley

    I couldn't believe it. This was still
    going on? I grabbed it off Collin's book and stared at it hard. They
    all came the same way. Two dots. An upcurved mouth. Simple. It's
    simplicity made it haunting.

    “Chris, what the freedom ya doing,
    man?” he asked confused.

    “Where'd you get this?” I asked.

    “I just opened my book, and it was
    there. Why?”

    I took the sheet of paper from him and
    told him to follow me. I had had enough of this.

    Collin followed and we quickly darted
    across campus. The snow was heavy on the ground but the sky was
    shining blue. I didn't feel it. I was determined. I reached the
    building on the northside of the campus and opened the door. I knew
    exactly where I wanted to go. At the end of a brightly lit hallway I
    reached a door and swung it open. Inside was a room filled with boxes
    and clutter. A little man, big framed glasses on his nose sat inside
    looking up at me surprised.

    “Ah, I see. I knew you would be
    coming sooner or later,” the man smiled.

    I was taken aback by the entire
    environment. I wasn't sure what I had expected, but this was not it.
    He had been here for months but he was hardly unpacked. And he was
    smaller. Much smaller. His words too were chilling.

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “Chris and Collin. I had known you
    were coming,” he said in an excited professorial manner. He rubbed
    his hand over his grey hair that was shooting out in every direction.
    Not a single piece of his apparel matched. “Ah, yes. I knew. It had
    told me days ago it had chosen you. You and many others. This is the
    season to be jolly,” he followed with a long cackle. Collin and I
    eyed each other warily.

    I decided better not to ask what it
    was. I pointed to the smiley face. “Steve said at one time, you had
    explained this to him. The night before he died.”

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    Re: "Horror" Story

    Post by quater on Thu May 14 2009, 02:09

    His face turned dark. “He shouldn't
    have done that. It's against the rules. You never, ever tell. Only
    those summoned can know. That is how it works. It always worked.” I
    could see him trembling with rage and I was suddenly wishing I had
    never come this way. “No matter, you see, I can't explain it to
    you. It's not that simple, my boys. Even I don't fully understand it,
    but I do know its other wordly,” his manner had completely changed.
    The anger was gone and a bright smile shone on his face.

    “Well, why's it so freedoming
    important then? Why are there so many showing up? What's the
    significance of this and Steve's death,” I said and tossed the
    paper at him. I was surprised to see him catch it carefully and hold
    onto it. He looked at me.

    “That, I can't explain. Not here. I
    have to show you. Please, I insist. Come to my Study Session tonight.
    You won't be disappointed. You'll learn a lot,” he smiled again. It
    was a wicked, cursed smile.

    “Professor Charmsworth, we don't
    even have your class, why would we do that?” Collin spoke up for
    the first time. I realized I shouldn't have brought him along.

    “We can all learn, my boy. We can
    all learn. Besides. I know something you don't about these. Been
    feeling paranoid? Worried? Anxious? I can explain that to you. Come
    tonight. You'll see why. You'll see the other side,” he grinned.

    “Where do we go?” I asked. Collin
    turned and looked at me like I was insane but I was resolved.

    “Not too far from here. There's a
    cave in the mountains where we meet. It's the only place suited for
    the Study Sessions. We need the seclusion. So will you come?” he

    “We'll be there,” I answered.

    [Scene Break]

    “Why'd you do that?” Collin

    “I need to know what's going on.
    Charmsworth knows and I can't turn my back on this,” I said.

    “But I have no idea what's going on.
    And I don't want involved. It's creepy. He's out of his freaking
    mind!” Collin shouted.

    “You don't have to go. I only said
    you would because I didn't really want to go alone,” I confessed.
    He looked at me now. His eyes dropped the ground.

    “Darn you. I wouldn't want you to go
    alone, either. But first sign of trouble and I am dragging you out of
    there. Hear me?” he asked.

    “Sure,” I said. We had crossed the
    grassy field and now reached the door of my apartment. As I opened it
    my heart dropped.

    “Well, well. I was just looking for
    you. Didn't answer your door and I was worried I'd have to go find
    you. Lucky me,” snarled the officer from the day Steven died.

    My throat was dry. I tried to speak
    but my heart was beating too fast. “What, what do you want?” I
    finally spoke.

    “Just to check up on my prime
    suspect,” his face had turned to a smile. “And to warn you. I am
    close. I have the evidence. You're going down, punk. I don't let
    murderers walk away free.”

    He smiled as he walked off. Collin
    just looked at me. I think he had given up asking me questions. I
    went up to my room and saw the door ajar. “Aw no,” I said as I
    threw the door open. My apartment was completely ransacked.

    [Scene Break]

    the last of my small apartment had been put back together it was
    several hours later. Collin had helped. I couldn't believe the mess
    that cop had made. What kind of cop was he, anyway? Papers, books,
    everything, and anything else that could move gone and tossed.

    had only taken one thing. My cell phone. Which made me wonder why he
    had torn up my apartment building, too. But I suppose he was looking
    for evidence. Or he was trying to scare me. I don't know. But I was
    not happy. It was good we finished when we did because the sunlight
    had disappeared. I didn't like to use my overhead lights, they were
    too bright. I watched the window. Before we left Charmsworth had
    given very specific instructions to reaching the “study session”
    so I wasn't worried. When I saw some people enter the woods Collin
    and I got up to follow.

    crunched beneath our feet. The moon was out so the woods were pretty
    lit up. Under normal circumstances I would have been scared to enter
    the woods at night. But I was actually quite calm here. The shadows
    on the ground and against the trees themselves. All dancing in the
    night created a landscape I could think about what was going on.
    Collin wasn't so lucky. He was terrified, shivering, and trembling at
    every step. I am sure he'd a been whining but I think he was worried
    that opening his mouth woulda got him hurt.

    the distance I could see the shadows of other people moving through
    the woods. They would come into view then disappear again. It was an
    odd phenomenon. Part of me even wondered if it wasn't all just in my
    head. What if none of it, not even the smilies were real? I'd know
    soon enough.

    made it to a clearing and I could see the large mouth of a cave.
    Inside somewhere there were lights for the echoed off the walls.
    Eerie shadows of figures stood out on the wall. Collin had frozen
    behind me. But I was too close, too curious. I pushed forward. I
    entered the cave and upon the turn a crazy site met me.

    college students stood around a fire. On top of a rock next to the
    fire stood Professor Charmsworth. But that wasn't exactly all that
    had gone wrong here. Several of the students looked back at me with
    masks, of a smiley face. Several were just moving gently back and
    forth. Some stared at me. But all immediately turned their eyes to
    Charmsworth when he began speaking.

    Chris. You have made it, and we are glad. Join us, in the wonderful
    worship of the Smile. We have many new ones among us, today. So let's
    make a good first impression,” he smiled that wicked smile. I
    shouldn't have come, but for some reason I was moving closer to the

    man walked out and dropped his shirt. He looked to be the same age as
    me and pretty fit. His hair was cut low. I wasn't sure what he was
    doing. Two people came up to his side. They pulled out knives and I
    stood their hypnotized. I should have done something to stop them,
    but I was bewildered. They stabbed into the man before I could even
    figure out what was going on.

    eyes were pushed into his chest. And a half curved arc on his
    stomach. It wasn't deep, just surface. Blood dripped. I was
    mortified. I wanted to turn and run. But something, was pressing on
    me. I was heavy. My legs seemed frozen. The man who had been stabbed
    yelled in pain. I was falling. Charmsworth was talking. I saw
    monsters. A giant smiley. Colors. Steve was there. The world slowly

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    Re: "Horror" Story

    Post by Always-Abby on Thu May 14 2009, 11:15

    Seriously really freaking gooood~
    Part 2! :DDD

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    Re: "Horror" Story

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