Oh, the Cheesecake!- A Cheesecake ROmanCe


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    Oh, the Cheesecake!- A Cheesecake ROmanCe

    Post by UchihaAyame on Mon Apr 20 2009, 10:13

    Jenna (Nana) Myre - Nana is only 16 and she works as a waitress in a restaurant. Across the street was a small, quiet bakery with an warm feel and delicious croissants that she so happened to love. It was run by an old lady who had a son working abroad. Nana likes to go there during her break.
    One day, Nana wanted something different.
    “Mrs. Axford, I know this might be rude for me to ask but... do you know how to make cakes? I love your pastries and all but I’d really want to try something different.”
    “I thought you’d never ask, dearie. I’ve been thinking about selling cake too. I’ll give you some. No charge. Tell me, do you like cheesecakes?”
    “Like them? I love them! And why no charge?”
    “Because we originally don’t sell them here so I can’t put a price on it.”
    And so, after a few minutes, cake was served. It was pure cheesecake with no toppings or anything fancy. The old lady waited anxiously as she took the first bite. Her eyes grew wide in delight and she asked the old lady
    “Mhm! It’s delicious! Did you make it yourself?!!”
    “No, sweetie. My son did but he’s not here right now. He’s off to find work somewhere else.”
    “But I thought your son was away. He’s a really good baker! Like mother, like son.”
    “Don’t say such things. You flatter me. Eat as much as you like, honey.”
    ”Thank you.”

    “I should be the one thanking you for this favor. Well, run along now, you don’t want to be late coming back to work.”
    With that, she left . After the last customer left, she helped the others clean up and she walked home. On her way home, the rain poured so she started running. She was in such a hurry that she bumped into someone who was holding an umbrella.
    “Ah! Sorry about that.” She tried to run again but the stranger grabbed her hand.
    “Woah! Slow down. I don’t think I can let a young lady such as yourself get wet in the rain. I simply can’t allow that. Here, let me walk you home.”
    “T-Thank you.” She said softly.
    The stranger walked her home and they started conversing.
    “You know, my mother runs a bakery. That’s where I was going. She’s been talking me into making cakes and pastries for the bakery but I don’t think so.”
    “What?!! You’re Mrs. Axford’s son, aren’t you?”
    “Hmm? How did you know?”
    ”I go to her bakery everyday. She gave me a slice of cheesecake that you made. It’s amazing! You can go a long way with that.”

    “Oh, that’s nice. By the way, I’m Aaron.”
    “I’m Nana.”
    ‘That’s a cute name.”
    “Thanks, so this is it. Maybe I can see you at the bakery tomorrow?” her heart pounded as she thought of that cheesecake.
    “You’re all red now. Okay, I’ll go to the bakery tomorrow.” He laughed.
    The day after, Nana visited the bakery again to see him, this time.
    “Oh, hey Nana. Maybe you want to try some more? My treat.”
    This went on for days. Nana started missing him when he finally found a job at the supermarket and stopped coming so often. Even as days passed, Nana waited for him, always even if he didn’t come on some days when work didn’t allow it. They became very close friends eventually and he even taught Nana how to bake a little. Aaron quit his job at the supermarket because he was offered his old job back abroad. Nana was not informed of this but she loved that Aaron came everyday now, because his pastries were selling so well his mother had enough to retire.
    “Nana, I need to tell you something. I’m going abroad again. I’ll be leaving soon. Take care.”
    Nana cried when she heard this. She begged him not to leave and was eager to say anything and everything for him to say but it was too late. He already made up his mind. Finally, she only wanted to say one more thing she really needed to say
    “Aaron. I-I love you. You mean so much more to me now than just a friend. Please don’t leave. I’d really like it if you stayed.” Aaron hugged her and wiped away her falling tears.
    “I love you too. Don’t cry, pretty ladies like yourself look better smiling. So, smile for me.”
    She smiled just like he asked her to but the pain that he is leaving never left. She always wanted to see him.

    (What will he choose? Love or money? You’ll find out after the break)

    (I’m kidding. There is no break , just non-stop romance. Wait, that sounded wrong XD)

    She kept seeing Aaron but one day, he wasn’t there. There was just a cheesecake where she usually sits and a note on it.
    “Aaron’s gone, honey.” Said Mrs. Axford. “He left that for you”
    She sat down and read the note. “Darling Nana, it’s been a privilege to have spent these few months with you . I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. So, here, have a cheesecake. My treat.” She cried after reading it with strong emotions for him and how happy she was to have met someone like him who made it seem like reality is a fantasy.
    She still went to the bakery everyday like she always did, only she could never smile as she ate croissants in her break until a man wearing a black hat that covered his face came to sit with her. ‘He has the same blonde hair as Aaron.’ She thought.
    “You look sad. Here, take this.” The man said handing over a box wrapped in wrapping paper. She opened it anxiously and found a slice of cheesecake in the box.
    She gasped “This is…”
    The man took off his hat and said “Hello, my love.”

    ~The End~

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    Re: Oh, the Cheesecake!- A Cheesecake ROmanCe

    Post by judai12 on Mon Apr 20 2009, 19:35

    really good,i like it^^

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