Sweet Longing


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    Sweet Longing

    Post by UchihaAyame on Sat Mar 28 2009, 07:55

    A mellow voice cries out my name
    It longs for my response
    Iím lying here
    Iím bleeding here
    Yet blissfully unaware
    Of all the hurt and silence
    Thrown upon me tonight
    I may be battered and broken
    But my soul will never die

    Stab my back
    I shanít complain
    Though I may bleed to death
    It hurts me where I cannot hide
    The pain I feel inside
    And deep inside
    Rise or fall
    Makes no difference as I call
    Pitch black and sunlight
    Plead for both to die
    And all thatís in my name
    Sum up all I feel inside
    And tonight, I lie with you

    Voices calling from a distance
    Shouting, accusing, dictating
    All shall drown in their own sins
    Longing for forgiveness
    As the miserable part ways and find
    Thereís no such thing as love
    Or a feeling that stays forever the same
    Itís just the dead and their lies
    As I take with me my secrets
    To the grave
    I hold your hand and pray for serenity
    The desire to live
    Is what kills me even more
    It will be my own failure
    When all is dead

    I wish to see you again
    Not just the dead and their misery
    ĎTis my sweet longing
    In this unpredictable world

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