Keep Remember [Lyrics]


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    Keep Remember [Lyrics]

    Post by Always-Abby on Tue Mar 17 2009, 15:58

    Short little thing I wrote during school yesterday.


    Remember the days and nights,
    Forever ago, when there wasn't a problem at all.
    Remember the dark and the light,
    Everyday, time going by, go along.

    Remember the ups and downs,
    The rise and fall of this ongoing wave.

    Just remember. Just remember.

    Remember the friends and the foes,
    Coming along everyday.
    Remember the goods and the bads,
    Some will go and some will stay.

    Just remember. Just remember.

    Remember you and me,
    Not letting go, not leaving home.
    Remember the fun times and bad times,
    The laughs and the cries,
    And everything in between.
    Remember it all, or let go and fall,
    But just know that we've been through it all.

    Just remember. Remember. Just remember.
    Keep remember.

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