Unnamed Story


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    Unnamed Story

    Post by KarateKeyaQ on Sun Mar 01 2009, 03:27

    I've been pretty imaginative these last few days.
    Anywhooo, here's a story I just started tonight. I wanted to post it because I want feedback...Duh?


    Evil, I’d come to realize, were different things to different people.

    To some, it was a dark enmity. A shadow of cruel intentions that couldn’t and never would change. A powerful, deadly force that existed only in those few weaklings who fell prey to it. Something that didn’t deserve to be pitied or forgiven.

    To others, it was simply a damaged soul, an impure spirit, maybe looking to be saved, looking to be guided out of the dark into the radiant light. Underneath all the gloom and dusk, it was still beautifully good.

    Or, if you were a strong believer of the spiritual sense of the term, you saw evil as a title that grouped together all the villainous beasts, ghouls and bats of the night. Your fate had been decided for you; born corrupt, always corrupt.

    I found myself wondering, as I stood face to face with certain death, which one I believe was true evil.

    I had no clue.

    My recent thoughts and speculations had been like this for some time. All my beliefs had been flushed down the tube and in its place had rose doubtful intuition. Still, I found it ironic that at this moment the question of evil had popped into my mind out all of things.

    An angry, ear splitting roar echoed painfully through the air that made me cringe. Okay, so not terribly ironic.

    I pushed past the indecisiveness and the fear to will my brain to think about it harder. I know that, under the circumstances, my thoughts were inappropriate. I knew that I should have been figuring out a way to escape, or running for my life, or something, anything that didn’t leave me standing here dumbly.

    But I felt compelled to ponder this. I wanted to know if all things dark were indeed evil. And, I wanted to know, or believe, that it wasn’t true. Some things weren’t set in stone. A person could reform and become beautiful again.

    They just had to try.

    I stared into the red, flashing eyes that had me in sight for desert, which belonged to one of the few people I loved enough to risk anything for, a person who’s life I valued more then my own, and swallowed hard, waiting for him to rip me to shreds and hoping he didn’t.

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    Re: Unnamed Story

    Post by judai12 on Sun Mar 01 2009, 21:00

    really good^^

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