The Courageous


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    The Courageous

    Post by UchihaAyame on Sat Feb 28 2009, 08:38

    Hiyee~! I made this declamation for school actually. There may have been many topics to choose from but I think its just right to honor our war heroes and the great people that have changed our lives forever.

    I stand before you, my friends and enemies alike,

    Even though the truth is far from what it seems,

    We will always find a way…

    A way to march on, and on and on

    My brothers and sisters who died in combat

    We honor this day and we honor you

    For your efforts that took your blood, sweat and tears

    The Virgin Mother sheds her tears for you

    You are one of the courageous few who make history

    Worth telling and passing on

    If I die before I have the chance to be like you,

    A chance to be one of the courageous few,

    I will be at the sideline cheering you on and on…

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