The Children Who Broke Down (You and Me)




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    The Children Who Broke Down (You and Me)

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Thu Feb 19 2009, 21:28

    I watched you fall before me
    Begging and yelling for me
    To tell you that everything was alright.
    It wasn't alright.
    And I couldn't help but tell you so.
    I told you that no
    Matter what you try
    To do, you end up crying
    Like a little child
    Wanting his mother to hug him
    Into her arms.

    I told you that tides come and go,
    And that nothing is just so
    Easy like people say it is.
    Life isn't all that it's
    Been made out to be.
    But you gotta keep
    Living through the bad
    And remembering the memories you've had.
    And I can't promise you that it'll
    Turn out like it should.
    I want to say that everything is gonna be okay...
    But if I found the courage
    To say that blatant lie,
    I would break down and cry.

    And I remember telling
    And yelling
    To you
    That you
    Couldn't love me
    I'm too wild to be
    Loved by a person
    Of your heart
    And I knew I started
    What I couldn't stop.
    And there are too many tears to mop
    Them all up in one apology.
    Between the two of us, sorry
    Means absolutely nothing
    It could never mean anything.

    The fragile life we had built,
    Has been shattered and spilt,
    Given to the next doomed lovers,
    And the concept just hovers
    Above us,
    Wondering if it's
    Allowed to be real
    Again, to make us feel
    Alive together again.
    But we can't begin
    What we've ended,
    And I've gone around
    The world and back,
    But it didn't mean jack.

    To you, I want to say
    That it's supposed to end this way.
    Everything is how it
    Should have always been.
    I've whispered once too
    Often about you.
    You'd never have heard me,
    And that's how it should be.
    I can't stop the fate
    That we've built
    For us, and only us.
    But we can't go back for us
    Because that's not written in our
    Fate for each other.

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