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    Post by sabaku no ketsueki

    Alright kids, listen up. Or...read up? Hm.

    So, back when jose was around for longer than 10 seconds, the missions section was not a dead piece of forum. Well, I think you WOTNers have gotten used to the lack of missions, and have therefore ignored that part of the site entirely. But I'm opting to bring it back to internet exsistence: how many of you would like more missions? I have to ask, and make people aware, because I could post 27 different things and nothing would happen. You're all too busy getting drunk at the bar! :P

    Also, chibi searches are, well...annoying. and bitchy. and since my imagination is busted, if you have any ideas for new missions, post them here. Other than drawing or writing, because you're all too damn lazy to pass anything in on time.

    Any good (and by good I mean HOLY SHIT that's an awesome idea let's do that right now) ideas will be rewarded with stats. +10 in each, minimum.

    Does it seem like I'm bribing you? Good. Cause I am.

    So that's it. I know I hated chibi searches when jose would post them, becuase I suck at them. and so do many people, I'm sure. If this gets enough attention--and enough of you would like the missions back on the board--then I can try to give a new one every week or so.


    that's it! Peace
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    Post on Wed Jan 28 2009, 23:46 by Angelic Harmony

    Whoo! Charmy made an idea, kage's refine it. Charmy has done her job. Relaxed

    Post on Thu Jan 29 2009, 16:20 by SickSelfishSyQo

    Go charm!!

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