An abandoned soul and a sunken heart


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    An abandoned soul and a sunken heart

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Mon Jan 12 2009, 17:59

    floating in the ice cold abyss
    my soul is what i will always miss
    my limbs are chained to the bottom of hate
    so this is how the dark is my fate
    i saw nothing but the blue
    all around me and i knew it was true
    i was to be there forever in wait
    for the one to come along and change my fate
    the dark only grew and the sorrow only spread
    all the images of hate were in my head
    but suddenly the cold had withdrawn
    and the feeling of hate was forever gone
    then suddenly the darkness had delayed
    and the sorrow that i felt was finaly decayed
    i had openend my eyes to see a light
    the chains that kept me still had fallen out of sight
    i could finally move and open my eyes
    i stood on my own two feet and saw a suprise
    he stood there holding out his hand with a warm smile on his face
    i will never forget the warm feeling of his embrace
    i knew that i was happy around him
    even though the chances were slim
    we then parted without realy saying goodbye
    i felt though that i was way to shy
    we saw each other again only to laugh and play
    but to quickly came the end of the day
    we exchaned numbers and said our goodbyes
    only to talk again, bringing happiness in my eyes
    we talked and laughed and joked to our best
    when suddenly i felt a beeting in my chest
    it had a rythem that changed from fast to slow
    what was this inside of me i realy didnt know
    i think its called a heart or so ive heard
    fluttering inside me like a little bird
    my blood, it was flowing
    and my heart, it kept beeting
    i could feel it without a touch
    this heart of mine it was beeting so much
    the heart, it was mine, i called it my own
    but the control of it, to me, was not known
    i feel as if it had been taken
    foreverinside me but always foresaken
    my heart was his with out him knowing
    emotions passed through me, coming and going
    things settle down we barely know each other well
    only to have the truth to me you tell
    it was to sudden i had to hear
    he had gone out with my friend in the last year
    yes they were over but it hurt me still
    for her and i were a comparison to kill
    we were nothing alike but still friends, and so
    this was the truth i had dared to know
    i felt so dumb, so stupid, so ill
    my life was a tragedy and my heart was the kill
    is this what i gat for bieng unshy
    a knife in my heart, and tears to cry
    for once in my life i had spoken out
    i had a lot of fun but now there is doubt
    the ghosts of the past try to enter once more
    the cold rushes in, and darkness comes through the door
    the hate quikly made its way to my heart
    as it shattered and finally fell apart
    i looked as it lie on, the cold hard ground
    for no more to me would it be bound
    i knew this was stupid, so dumb, so bad
    but for some reason i didnt want to be sad
    i didnt give up though i knew it would never be the same
    i looked at my heart and saw that love is a war game
    i sewed it together to the best of my skill
    it was still fucked up looking so ill
    i lit it on fire and tossed it in the air
    to once again feel the beeting that drew me to this dispare
    i stood up straight though my legs did shake
    and deep inside my i knew that this hope was fake
    it was alli had second to none
    i felt ok and the sorrow was nearly done
    hangin with my friends at the end of the day
    not a care in the world and throwing our time away
    walking and talking and joking about beng a slueth
    only to once again hear the truth
    another friend and him it couldnt be true
    i promised and lied to them saying i wouldnt be blue
    i turned and walked away
    going to my house to end my day
    i saw my heart drop to the ground
    and only sadness was what i found
    i didnt pick it up or even think
    about how far my soul had begun so sink
    then i realized that some things are true
    the heart and soul are one not two
    auras or others and expressions on there faces
    tell that they are happy 'cause they're in wonderfull places
    so i left my heart to rot in the sun
    and i know that the darkness had come
    the sadness bursts through
    hate and sorrow are forever, to me, true
    i find myself floating once more in the dark cold place
    there is no expression lying across my face
    my aura is gone, i might as well be dead
    and now there is nothing going through my head
    for i am the one who is darkness prone
    this place is where i will stay forever and i will always be alone

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