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    In this world

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sun Dec 28 2008, 14:57

    There are something’s you can say, and others you can’t,
    There are people to blame, for the mistakes you create,
    There are people, around the world, suffering from pain,
    And children in places, that die every day.
    Yet, all of these things are just shadows in the day,
    Not one little sound, can heard when they pray...
    There are something’s in the world that should be heard,
    When no sound is created, not one single word.
    There are everyday things, we see all around.
    Poverty, homelessness and diseases all around.
    The more important things are the ones that make no sound.
    The simple hidden things, trapped in the mind of it own.
    Somebody needs to help, to wipe away those tears,
    For the children with no parents, on Christmas and new years.
    There are things that are wrong, there are things that are right,
    And for one good minute, while you sleep tonight,
    Give it a thought, and what do we do,
    Should we listen to world, the silent cries?
    Or let them be, let there be suicide?

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