No title cause i didn't think of one


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    No title cause i didn't think of one

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sun Dec 28 2008, 14:57

    Pain isn't an emotion on its own,
    It's only a side effect of other emotions.
    The ship has sunk, a bullet not dodged.
    Run away, go sail the ocean.
    True love seems so out of reach
    that it takes a million years for a fire to be lit.
    I've been searching for too long that my conclusion is
    you never find it if you're looking for it.
    I've let go of precious memories
    that I thought would've lasted til the end of time.
    Fell in love with my best friend;
    it hurts so bad that it feels like a crime.
    So many times, I've been told to let go,
    but that's easier said than done.
    The moment I stopped holding, quickly I fell,
    I paused with his love and then the pain begun.
    The faster I fell, the farther he went away.
    Too much love was inclosed in my chest,
    letting it all go was my chance
    to give my heart a rest.
    My life isn't near where I want it to be,
    but I know I'm better off without you.
    My friends are now most important,
    this is my soul's debut.
    You were once a big part of my life,
    but that love has ended.
    I now focus on those who love me
    because of them, my heart has been mended.
    To me, you were once everything,
    but the beauty of the apple has gone rotten.
    There's no easier way to ease the pain,
    after all, no one is gone until they are forgotten.

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