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    I am

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sun Dec 28 2008, 14:56

    I'm the frigid air
    taken from your lungs
    I'm the malicious words
    on your tongue
    I'm the wreckless deed
    you often commit
    I'm dying
    and you're the cause of it
    I'm a smoking gun
    you pulled the trigger
    I'm the moonlight
    on you're ghostly figure
    I'm the shattered remains
    of a broken heart
    I'm the stage
    where you played your part
    I'm the accompliance
    of this brutal murder
    I'm the bloody knife
    that cruelly hurt her
    I'm a heavy sigh
    escaping your throat
    I'm the goodbye letter
    filled with the words you wrote
    I'm the tears
    you didn't shed
    I'm the scene
    you quickly fled
    I'm the alcohol
    you drank too many times
    I'm a broken poet
    who's used all of her rhymes

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