This i don't Deserve


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    This i don't Deserve

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sun Dec 28 2008, 14:54

    I've walked many miles down the line
    During my path, screaming I hear
    And a distant chime
    But I've had so many faults
    Too much to fill the vault
    And these screams remind me of these
    And that my faults will never cease

    But the distant chime makes me whole
    It strengthens my broken grieving soul
    It saved me from the screaming
    The sound of the chime is as if I'm dreaming
    And I'm deaf and can't hear the screaming in my ear
    The ones that brought me my every tear
    The chime welcomes me to the world of sound
    Protects me from every harm bound

    But I know this I don't deserve
    For every chime heard
    It saved me and always will
    And saved me from the life
    I almost killed

    Now as I walk down this path,
    I'll forget the screaming wrath
    And sing with the chime
    That will always catch you in time

    But for every chime heard
    I know I'll soar like a bird
    A chime I'll always serve
    Yet I know this,
    I don't deserve

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