Do you know why?


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    Do you know why?

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Wed Dec 17 2008, 16:43

    Do you know why I'm in constant pain
    Why I curse the sun and hunger for the rain
    Do you know why you're the one I hate
    Why never will I care about your fate
    Do you know why I hate you with a passion
    Why I'd kill you if I could in a gory, angry fashion
    Do you know why it's your fault I want to die
    Why it was you who made me constantly cry
    Do you know why there is only you to blame
    Why the only thing you should feel is degraded shame
    Do you know why my eyes burn with resentment
    Why there is never a time to fall into contentment
    Do you know why my tears fall at night
    Why you should've shut-up and made things right
    Do you why you should've cared about my feelings
    Why the words you said left my heart reeling
    Do you know why there is only one answer
    Why the pain I felt spread out like a deadly cancer
    Do you know why I will never be okay
    Why you should've found the right words to say
    Do you know I let my tears well
    Why you, my friend, are going straight to Hell
    It's because you were heartless, cruel and cold
    And never listened to your heart or soul
    It's because of your words so blunt and true
    That I will forever and always hate you...
    And so it was you who ultimately killed me
    And I'm waiting for the day you open you eyes and see
    No matter what you say, it was you who made me cry
    And I shouldn't have ask, Do you know why?

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