My very own Shining Star


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    My very own Shining Star

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Fri Dec 12 2008, 22:06

    Look at the sky
    Like what you see?
    All the city lights shining
    No stars to roam free
    Maby thats what you discover
    But thats not me at all
    In fact, I dont even need darkness
    From the last time I recall
    Its quite amazing actually
    And maby youll agree
    Because Ill tell you a secret right now
    I have my own shining star here with me
    Hes actually the brightest star out there
    Thats right, I dont even need the sky
    And all I need to brighten up my day
    Is for him to simply pass by
    Time slows down, when hes in sight
    All I can see is him, my dear love
    Its like hes the only thing in the universe
    And hes the only one, I think the world of
    I know you might think nothing of this
    "Oh, who cares, she has a crush"
    Sure, you can think of it that way
    Considering everytime hes in sight, I blush
    But I swear its more than just that
    Hes always the only one I see
    Unfortunatley, In time, stars burn out
    So he doesnt have a life-time guarantee
    But thats not my fault
    My stars gunna be going away
    I cant change things from the way they are
    No matter how much I wish for him to stay
    But it doesnt ruin much
    I know he'll still be shining somewhere
    Ill always love him no matter where he is
    Even when this is completely unfair
    But Ill miss you, my dear
    Youll never leave my mind
    And Ill promise you something,
    Our memories wont be left behind
    I know this doesnt mean much to you
    To my readers, to my perfect star
    But please, promise me one thing in return,
    Promise me you wont wonder far.
    I wish you wouldnt abandon me here,
    And when its time to say goodbye
    All my light will be gone
    And Ill try my best not to cry
    Ill promise you again,
    In my heart you wont go far,
    Ill love you tomorrow and forever
    I love you so much, my shining star.

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    Re: My very own Shining Star

    Post by CrispinFreemanWatcher16 on Fri Dec 12 2008, 22:11

    awww, its beaautiful and so romantic, it has sense of sadness too but equally soo good.

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