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    Post by quater on Wed Dec 10 2008, 17:33

    As time goes on, WOTN Grows, and the economy becomes strong, the ability of the Economy itself and chances of you making money will grow as well.

    One of the easiest ways to make a lot of money quick will be to buy into the lottery. It can win you a ton of cash, you can buy as many cheap tickets as you want, and it will be able to greatly afford your debts or shops out of money if you win it.

    Trading Cards
    Trading cards are now serving new purposes. You can get a trading card made for yourself and it will add many bonuses to your attacks and abilities, as dependent on the card made. This will ultra change the battle field as even a Genin will be able to stand up to a Chuunin if he has strong Trading Cards. Also, if someone sells their battle card the person who takes their card will get quite a few bonuses, making these cards going from obsolete side shows, to the only way to truly become powerful in the Battle Arena. Per person, only 2 cards can be made. But there is no limit to how many you buy and sell.

    RP stores
    Unlike the real ones, RP stores will have a very different set of workings, and may be up for change. Why it will be beneficial to make one is soon WOTN will have a new aged updated RP section, and these stores will be the way you can power up that character. So for now, investing in them will be a good idea.

    This is the amenities for now. As time progresses I hope to fill the economy up with everything from Insurance to advertizing. Evil Glare

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