The Reason is You


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    The Reason is You

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Tue Dec 09 2008, 20:13

    Within my past,
    I have seen many things,
    but not like this.
    I never knew the meaning of happiness and joy
    as I never felt them in me before.
    Crying in pain
    as my stone heart was breaking,
    I wanted to die
    in depression and sadness.
    Until I met you,
    I never knew "love"
    never feeling what it felt like,
    but when you kissed me
    I felt my heart race
    I see your eyes shining,
    like the beauty of the stars
    shining bright in the sky.
    I think as I kiss you back
    with my eyes crying you a river
    I found a reason for me
    to change who I used to be
    And the reason is you......

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