The best thing about me is you


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    The best thing about me is you

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Tue Dec 09 2008, 20:10

    When I first met you,
    I was careful to stay apart.
    Didn't want you to get close.
    Wouldn't let you in my heart.
    But you've wandered your way through,
    and now, I'm in love with you.
    Now, we're no longer apart.
    Have I told you you're in my heart?
    "You are like the sky,"
    I want to tell you when you cry.
    Like rain, or when you feel ashamed.
    Like the clouds up on high.
    Chin up, geton your feet.
    Go give it one more try.
    I see you when you smile.
    Such a beautiful sight.
    I'll help you no matter what.
    I'll help you see the light.
    We said we can be close friends.
    I'll hold you until the end.
    You don't see what I see in you.
    I see Grace, Wonder, and Love.
    I see you.
    Someone strong, who knows right from wrong.
    It's amazing how far you've gone.
    Amazing you've gone this long.
    You're someone who is wonderful...inside and out.
    Lift up your uplifting voice.
    Show the world how you can shout.
    Shout your calming name.
    Tell them who you are.
    It's amazing you've gone so long.
    Amazing you've gone so far.
    I know sometimes it's hard.
    Want to stop. Won't raise the bar.
    But it's amazing the way live.
    So pleasing the way you are.
    Just keep holding on.
    Hold on, don't let go.
    I can protect you if you want me to.
    I'll protect you with my arms,
    and never let you go.
    Don't worry, I'll catch you
    When you feel your gonna fall.
    Don't worry I'll be here.
    I'll be with you through it all.
    I'll protect you with my love.
    And never let you go.

    to Nick, the one i love~<3 ^_^

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