Another Day of You


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    Another Day of You

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sat Dec 06 2008, 20:41

    Woke up and got out of bed,
    Mirror glaring brushed my hair.
    Tried to push you from my head,
    tried in vain not to care.

    Ten minutes after the alarm,
    waited for a tortured day to start.
    Carved your name into my arm,
    for it is inscribed on my heart.

    Silentgoodbye to Dad and Mum,
    When all they ever have to say,
    is "wonder from whence the tears come,
    for we all know that you're ok".

    Wrote pages in anothing task,
    scribbled hearts above my vein.
    Held back the tears when they asked,
    if you've made me hurt again.

    Finished school and walked back home,
    found it impossible to doubt you.
    I enjoy this feeling of alone,
    even though it hurts without you.

    Took a shower far too hot,
    until burn marks still remained.
    You realise your all I got,
    and I cannot even feel this pain.

    Brushed my teeth with a fake smile,
    sat down thinking on the floor.
    Pulled on night clothes and meanwhile,
    pondered if I could take much more.

    Once again opened up my wrists,
    believing it will go away,
    "this will be the last night of this",
    but it lingers on for one more day.

    Climbed under sheets to cry between,
    wished I could taste and kiss you.
    Cried, died, it's all routine,
    since that day I came to miss you.

    Slept in a constant nightmare,
    the pea princess on a spike.
    Yet I found I ceased to care,
    for this is what loving you is like.

    And morning comes around again,
    another day of things to do,
    stretches before my eyes,
    as another day of you.

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