Another Day


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    Another Day

    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sat Dec 06 2008, 20:40

    It's a new day
    As if yesterday wasn't enough
    Sometimes I wonder why I bother
    Even waking up

    I look into the mirror
    And can't stand what I see
    I hate the reflection
    Staring back at me

    I get my stuff ready
    And head off to the bus
    I know all the kids
    Will cause a fuss

    They bully me and laugh
    They think they are so cool
    They're really idiots, and morons
    They just look likes fools

    I get to school
    It's just the begining of the day
    And already things
    Aren't going my way

    I got an F on the test
    I probably should've studied last night
    It's just hard to focus
    With your parents are in a fight

    And then I yell at my best friend
    She didn't do anything wrong
    It's makes me eally upset
    It was my fault all along

    I ask the teacher
    If I can have the bathroom pass
    She says yes
    And I head there fast

    I pull out my scissors
    And make another cut on my arm
    Would they even care
    If they knew I caused self-harm?

    Throughout the day
    They bully me
    Aren't they blind?!
    Can't they see?

    They don't understand
    How they make me feel
    How everyday I wish
    This pain wasn't real

    So I'll put on that fake smile
    And pretend I dont care what they say
    And I'll try to get through
    Another day

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