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    Post by Shattered_Soul_98 on Sat Nov 29 2008, 17:54

    God, why do I do this?
    It's like all I do is cry
    Even as I'm sitting here
    And I really don't know why
    Yet, the tears are so refreshing
    They alone make any sense
    And my body keeps on shaking
    But it's all that really fits
    The ever-silent sobbing
    Making sure that no one knows
    Creating scars that mar the skin
    Blood as red as any rose
    Such never ending misery
    Would throw any into despair
    And with such never ending torture
    I should learn just not to care
    I should really brush things off
    Live a life that is carefree
    Because this person now created
    In no way resembles me
    She'll act okay with others
    Because for that time she is
    But once she's all alone
    She has to face her sins
    She knows she's insignificant
    That no one really cares
    She knows that she is worthless
    And that life is never fair
    She knows she causes problems
    And she'll forever stay unloved
    She knows torture doesn't end
    And that there is no up above
    She knows she's not an angel
    She's a devil at it's best
    Bringing pain upon all others
    Never giving a single moment's rest
    Ruining the lives of those around her
    Taking them all away from light
    Into a world of never ending darkness
    A world of never ending night

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